Strawberry does not bloom: why it happens and what to do

We have compiled a list of the 10 most common reasons why strawberry bushes did not bloom in your garden, and ways to remedy the situation.

Every gardener knows: there are no flowers - there will be no berries ahead! If you notice that the neighbors have already entered the flowering strawberries, and your strawberry garden is still smooth green without a hint of long-awaited white blotches of flowers, it is time to sound the alarm!

1. Late landing

The best time for planting strawberries is the second half of summer (end of July - August). The deadline for planting strawberries in the middle lane is the beginning of September.

If you plant the seedlings of this culture later, the plants simply do not have time to settle down and build up a sufficiently powerful root system to bloom in the spring.

There is nothing "deadly" about it. If you properly care for strawberry bushes, they will most likely bloom and bring the first harvest next year.

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What to do?

Follow the rules of strawberry care and wait for the next year. If the bushes still do not bloom in time - look for the real reason.

2. Landing this year

If strawberry seedlings are planted this spring - and even less you should not expect flowering from it in the same year.

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Please note that often strawberry seedlings are already blooming. However, if you want to create a good strawberry "plantation" on your site, it is advisable to cut the flowers off after planting. This must be done in order not to "distract" the plant from the formation of roots.

If your plans - "disposable" vertical strawberry bed, then it is possible to leave the seedlings as they are. The main thing - do not forget about dressing.

In short, if the strawberry planted in May did not bloom in May, you should not worry - everything goes according to plan!

What to do?

Wait and follow all the rules of growing strawberries.

3. Incorrect landing depth

A common reason why a strawberry plant does not bloom and does not bear fruit is the wrong planting depth.

The strawberry plant has a so-called heart shape. New shoots and flower stalks grow from it, therefore it is impossible to bury it in the ground - there will simply be no flowers and, as a result, strawberries will not yield.

On the other hand, it is also impossible to completely strip the heart. The plant will weaken and, quite possibly, will also not bloom.

What to do?

Planted the plant too high - add ground to the roots. Too much buried - on the contrary, dig it out so that the soil was at the right level.

4. Overdose with nitrogen

Another possible reason why strawberries do not bloom is that you “overfed” it with nitrogen and it healed.

Making mineral dressing, do not forget that it should be done strictly according to the instructions.
An overdose of nitrogen leads to the fact that the plant is actively increasing the green mass and does not feel the need to take care of the "procreation". If you notice that the strawberries are actively growing, but the flowers do not appear, most likely, the problem is in the wrong application of fertilizers.

What to do?

Temporarily stop feeding and water the strawberry beds well, so that the nitrogen is quickly washed out of the soil.

5. Nutritional deficiencies

It is also possible that the strawberry "is undernourished."

If in early spring you did not have time to fertilize, do it now, otherwise the bushes may never bloom this season.

What to do?

Introduce top dressing. How to feed strawberries "chemistry" and organic matter, as well as folk remedies, read our article:

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6. Weed strawberries instead of garden

Or maybe you grew strawberries seed way? In this case, no one guarantees that garden strawberries will grow from your purchased seeds, and not weedy.

The same situation can occur with seedlings purchased from unverified vendors. Under the guise of pineapple strawberries, you could well have sold an ordinary “wilderness” that does not bear fruit, but grows quickly and captures nearby “territories” set aside for beds with other cultures.

In general, strawberry seeds are intended for breeding work, but not for quick harvest. It is advisable to breed her mustache or buy seedlings. However, it is also possible to grow this crop from seeds. We have already told how to do this in 4 stages.

What to do?

If the strawberry has taken root well, but has not bloomed (or bloomed, but brought very small fruits) for two or even three seasons in a row, boldly dig it out until it littered the whole garden.

7. Supercooling

Another likely option is that during the winter the heart of the strawberry was frozen out. This is possible in frosty, snowless winters, especially if the bed was not well covered.

Also the cause could be the May return frost.


What to do?

Unfortunately, strawberry is no help for this season. However, do not rush to "evict" her from the garden. Perhaps over the summer it will come to life and next year will yield.

Be sure to cover the plants well for the winter and during return frosts, as well as help the snow to linger on the site in every possible way.

8. Remontany strawberry degenerated

If a rebuilding strawberry grows in your garden, it can degenerate in a couple of seasons and stop fruiting.

If the bushes always gave a good harvest, you cared for them correctly, but this year they did not bloom, maybe this is the reason.

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What to do?

In this case, there is only one thing - to update the strawberry planting.

9. Pests and Diseases

Certain diseases and pests may not allow strawberries to bloom and bear fruit.
Pests include strawberry weevil and nematode, and among the diseases - powdery mildew and white or brown spot.

What to do?

Urgently save the plant from insects and insects' attacks! How exactly to do this, read our articles:

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10. Shortage of the sun

It is not excluded such a situation that the strawberries simply "sad" without the sun. Keep in mind that this is a light-loving culture, and when planting on shaded areas it may not bloom and not set fruit.

What to do?

Plant strawberries in well-lit areas.

We hope you manage to eliminate the reason why your strawberry has not bloomed this year! Or maybe you can even double the strawberry harvest thanks to our advice?

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