15 beautiful and unpretentious perennials for the garden

If you do not have the opportunity to frequently visit a country site, if you are new to floriculture, or your garden is not for capricious plants, this selection is for you.

That your garden was buried in flowers and at the same time did not need your close attention, it is worth planting such plants that do not require special care. Here are some of these cultures.

1. Japanese anemone

Elegant flowers anemones bloom in late August. They look great in a flower bed, and also make beautiful bouquets. Plant different kinds of anemones to get a multicolored flower bed.

2. Astilba

This unpretentious plant will beautifully and fluffy bloom even in the shade. But for this astilbu should be well watered. The culture blooms in July and pleases with its bright elongated buds for 10 weeks.

3. Astra is shrub

This plant forms lush, spherical bushes up to 50 cm high. In September, when the plant blooms, each of its stem turns into a bouquet. But even without flowers, this bright ball looks very elegant.

4. Helenium

If you choose the right varieties of gelenium, it will bloom in your garden from June to October. For abundant and long flowering, these bright "suns" should be planted in a lighted place and periodically watered.

5. Geranium magnificent

Add a blue garden - it is often missing. Great geranium does not require special attention. It grows up to 50 cm in height and can bloom even in partial shade. Although the plant blooms briefly (from May to June), in the fall it again reminds of itself: the foliage acquires a reddish hue.

6. Kotovnik

This plant is particularly popular in regions where it is impossible to grow lavender. Kotovnik - unpretentious perennial, which is especially abundant and bright blooms in sunny areas. And if you cut the catnip after the first flowering, it can bloom again.

7. Eastern Mac

Will not take too much trouble and poppy Oriental. This plant with fairly large scarlet flowers will be a bright accent of your flower garden. If you plant on the site early and late varieties, you can extend the flowering of culture from May to July.

8. Sight

It is difficult to imagine a flower bed where stonecrop would be inappropriate. Culture adorns the garden throughout the season, even though the plant blooms only in late August. Sill is very unpretentious, but prefers sunny places and sandy soils.

9. Chamomile garden

Chamomile - a win-win for decorating the flower bed, because it blooms for a very long time and does not need special care. All that this culture needs is watering and feeding. Perennial daisies require less attention than annuals. And this plant is kept in a long cut.

10. Rudbeckia

Another garden "sun" is rudbeckia. Bright yellow flowers adorn the plant from late summer to mid-autumn. All that is worth taking care of when planting this crop is to choose a sunny place for it.

11. Yarrow

Tiny flowers of a yarrow would look not so effectively if they were not gathered in inflorescences baskets. Be sure to plant this plant in your garden, if you can not often go and see the cottage. Yarrow blooms from June to September - a surprisingly long time.

12. Phlox

In the "lazy" garden will also be indispensable phlox. They are of different colors, there are even varieties, "chameleons" that change color depending on the lighting. At the same time, plants are so unpretentious that they can be compared with weeds: they take root well and grow quickly.

13. Hosta

The host blooms in July, but the beauty of this plant is not at all in flowers, but in the leaves that adorn it from spring to autumn. Unlike many plants from our list, the host likes penumbra.

14. Sage

This plant not only adorns the flowerbeds with its rich pink and purple buds, but also exudes a charming aroma. Sage blooms all summer, which is another of its advantages. The height of the bushes is small - 30-50 cm. But this allows you to grow sage even in a small garden.

15. Echinacea

Echinacea is good not only because it is undemanding, but also because it can grow in one place for a long time, delighting those around you with its stunning flowers. And this plant has amazing healing properties.

A flower bed of unpretentious perennials not only decorate the site, but also allows you to save time on rest or gardening.

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