How to cut roses in the garden?

Regular pruning of roses - a pledge of their lush flowering and good growth of new shoots. However, it is very important to carry it out correctly. Otherwise, you can destroy the plant. We will tell you how to prevent this.

There are several types (degrees) of trimming. They depend on the season, the group to which the rose belongs, and the height of the plant shoots.

Short (low), or strong, pruning roses

It is used in spring (after removing the winter shelter) for hybrid tea, polyanthus and floribunda roses. And this pruning is carried out during the planting of new seedlings.

With a strong pruning leave 1/3 of the shoots, with the stems shortened at the level of 3-4 buds from the base of the bush.

Medium or moderate pruning of roses

Suitable for various medium types of roses and is used mainly after flowering. The shoots are shortened at the level of 5-7 buds from the base and thus form a shrub.

Long (high), or weak, pruning roses

Recommended for highly growing climbing and tall hybrid tea roses. In this case, the shoots are shortened slightly: at the level of 8-15 buds from the base of the bush. Long pruning is carried out at the spring planting of seedlings.

In addition, there is combined pruning - when shoots of one plant are shortened to varying degrees. With such pruning, shrubs of some varieties of floribunda roses are formed. This allows plants to give an elegant shape.

And sanitary pruningwhich is carried out throughout the growing season in order to prevent diseases. At the same time, the affected, dry, frozen and weak shoots are removed, the stems are shortened to healthy (green) tissue.

Do not feel sorry for roses! Nothing grows from a damaged (brown) and dry branch

Spring pruning roses

Before spring pruning, the winter shelter is removed from the plants, the garbage is removed, all the old leaves are removed and the mulch is raked. Then the roses are pruned when the weather is warm, the buds swell, but the shoots are still not moving. At this time, carry out sanitary pruning.

If the shrub is too thick, it is thinned and left 4-5 strong, healthy stems. It is important that all cuts are made with a sharp shears, which minimally injure the plant. In addition, all shoots are cut at an angle of 45 degrees, retreating from the bud up about 5 mm.

In the spring, it is recommended to cut roses of any kind, since at this time it is important to remove all old and dry shoots, so that the plant does not spend its strength on them, but seeks to build new ones.

In addition, during spring pruning, the bush is given the desired shape and the shoots are cut to stimulate flowering.

Spring shoots pruned to healthy tissue

Summer pruning roses

In the summer, they continue the sanitary and formative pruning of the bushes: they remove wild shoots, dried branches and faded flowers, cutting the stem to the first sunspot and healthy buds. Roses older than 3 years in August often build up too many young shoots that thicken the shrub and create a shadow inside it. This can lead to the development of fungal diseases, so during the summer of excess shoots need to get rid of.

Pruning roses after flowering

This is a very important summer pruning, so it’s worth mentioning separately. Removing faded inflorescences allows roses to extend flowering and not to waste energy on the formation of fruits.

On roses, in which several buds are formed on one stalk (floribunds, climbing climbs, scrubs), they cut off the entire brush above the top pentailloid.

In hybrid tea roses, which produce only one flower on the stem, the faded buds are cut differently. In the first half of summer, the shoot is cut so that only 3-4 leaves above the soil level are left on it. This will contribute to the rapid growth of new shoots coming from the roots.

In the first half of summer it is also possible to cut the inflorescences of floribunda roses.

And in the second half of summer, only wilted flowers themselves should be removed.

In climbing ramblers (which bloom on the shoots of the second year) after the end of flowering, the brushes are removed up to the first leaf. This will contribute to the branching of the shoots, on which flowers will bloom next year.

Pruning roses in autumn

Roses grown in a mild climate without a winter shelter do not need pruning for the winter. And from covering roses in late autumn (approximately in October, before frosts), all undisturbed shoots are removed and the stems are shortened to the height of covering material.

General rules for pruning roses

At any time of the year it is important to cut the stems of roses correctly. An oblique cut should be located about 5 mm above the kidney.

The scheme, how to do the cuts on the shoots of roses

If you want a sprawling rose bush, prune the branches above the bud that is on the outside. Then the new shoot will not grow in the center of the bush, but outside. And if you need to grow upright shrub with vertical shoots, pruning produce on the kidney, which is located on the inner side of the stem.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account the age of the bushes. So y annual plants shoot cut off by about half.

On second year On each branch, 2-3 shoots of recovery are formed, which grow from the root collar. In no case can they be cut to the ground, since they provide the plants with lush flowering and longevity. Thus, two-year shoots are shortened by 2-3 peepholes from the base, and one-year shoots are cut above the upper well-formed bud located below the faded buds.

In adult roses (starting from the age of three) completely remove all dead and weakened branches and short shoots that grew after pruning the previous year. In addition, for the formation of good flowers should be cut out all the side shoots of any thickness, growing in the direction of the center of the bush.

Pruning Hybrid Tea Roses

Shrubs tea hybrid roses are cut in the shape of a ball. In these plants, buds are formed on the shoots of the current year, so they are greatly shortened. On young bushes, 2-4 buds are left at a distance of 15 cm from the ground level, and on adults - 4-6 buds at a distance of about 20 cm. On the side shoots, 2-4 buds are also left.

Diagram of pruning hybrid tea roses

In addition, internal stems that contribute to thickening are removed from the center of the bush.

Pruning hybrid tea roses every year

Pruning Floribunda Roses

The floribunda roses also need strong (short) pruning, otherwise a bulky shrub with weak stems and small flowers will grow. But so that the plant is not quickly depleted in case of strong pruning, a special method is used: some stems are made short to get early flowering, and annual shoots are cut only 1/3 of the length.

Floribunda roses pruning scheme

On young lateral branches, 2-3 buds are left, and on old ones, 3-5 buds are left. In this case, the old stems growing in the middle of the bush, completely cut out.

In floribunda roses throughout the growing season, up to shelter for the winter, shoots are cut out every 10-12 days

Climbing Climbing Roses

Climbing, large-flowered and powerful straight-growing roses in the fall pruned minimally. Their stalks are tied with a rope, bent to the ground and then covered. And the main pruning is carried out in the spring.

After the cover has been removed, the stalks are shortened so as to give the bush a beautiful shape, 2-4 buds are left on the side shoots. And in summer, these roses withered flowers pruned to the first sheet.

Climbing rose trimming scheme

Pruning Roses

Polyanthus roses are also mostly pruned in spring (usually in April), and in the fall only damaged and weak branches are removed. In early spring, strong shoots are shortened to 1/3 of the length, dead, weak and diseased branches cut out completely. Thickening shoots are removed from the center of the bush.

The scheme pruning polyantovyh roses

Trimming Ground Cover Roses

In the groundcover roses, in the fall, pruned flowering shoots are cut, weak branches and diseased growths, leave strong young basal branches that have grown this year, but at the same time shorten them a little. Side shoots are cut by 2-3 buds to 10-15 cm from their base. Long stems bend down to the ground, fasten with hairpins and cover. In the spring cut frozen and broken branches.

Ground Roses Trimming Scheme

Standard roses are pruned before planting. And in the rest of the time pruning is done depending on the variety of the rose grafted on the boles.

Cut the roses correctly - and the rose garden every year will delight you with magnificent flowers.

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