Bright garden figures: we turn a site into the fantastic world

If it seems to you that the site lacks “life”, settle a couple of garden figures in a flower bed or in the shade of a spreading bush. And you will be surprised how the garden will change.

The most popular garden figures are, of course, the gnomes. These characters have long been an integral part of Western culture. The first garden gnomes were made and installed on their site by German entrepreneur Philip Griebel at the beginning of the 19th century. And it started ... Now they are "settled" already in our dachas. And although garden gnomes are considered petty dirty tricks, in the form of ceramic figures they are very cute.

No less interesting look on the green lawn mushrooms. Even fly-agaric! This is exactly the case when preference is given to harmful fungi. Their red caps contrast well with the green of the garden. But this is only one of the options, how to beat the mushrooms in landscape design. For example, if you draw a door on a ceramic product, it will turn into a mouse house. And even mushrooms with "acid" hats will look great in the garden, even though there are no such things in nature. And if your mushroom is with eyes, then it claims to be the main keeper of the garden.

If there is a pond in the garden - you cannot do without a frog. Like many other garden figures, frogs are very realistic, and there are - fabulous. The choice depends on the general concept of the site.

In general, garden figures can represent the most diverse animals, even if it is not a traditional resident of the garden. Snails, caterpillars, mice, turtles, hedgehogs, rabbits in any case will do their job. Perhaps, not all of them are welcome guests on our sites, but in the form of garden figures they bring substantial benefits.

One can not forget about the birds. If a real stork does not dare to build a nest nearby, you can start your personal stork, who will never leave the site. Figures of domestic birds (especially in pairs or a whole brood) look very organically on the backyard territory. But any other birdies will add "liveliness" to the garden. Even if the figures are not too large, they still have weight in garden design.

Angels occupy a separate niche among garden figures. These funny or overly serious tots are suitable for any classic site. Settle in one of these angels, and he will protect the cottage in your absence.

Enjoy special popularity and miniature houses. Children especially like them. It seems that the real garden fairies live inside.

If you approach the selection of figures creatively, you can create a whole story on the site. Personally, I like these "living pictures".

What kind of garden figures live in your garden?

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