5 reasons why cucumbers do not bloom

It is already the middle of June. Why do not bloom cucumbers in the greenhouse, on the balcony or in the open field? If you also ask such questions, then our material is for you.

On average, cucumbers begin to bloom 30-45 days after sowing the seeds. Timing may vary due to weather conditions and the variety you choose. But sometimes flowering is delayed or does not occur at all. The reasons for this may be many. We consider the most frequent, and also tell you how to make cucumbers still bloom.

Reason 1. Watering with cold water

This is perhaps the most common reason why cucumber bloom is delayed.

For watering cucumbers is best to use rainwater. If it is not there, the water supply (pre-settled and heated by the sun) will do.

Water temperature for irrigation should be around 25 ° C. Moisturize the soil better early in the morning or in the evening. Watering over the leaves is recommended before noon, in which case the air around the plants will be quite humid. At the same time, it is advisable to leave the ground around the root collar dry to prevent rotting of the stem.

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Before flowering and during the growth of greens, the soil should be moistened regularly. But with the beginning of flowering, it is desirable to limit watering, because This will help to plant more female flowers.

Do not keep cucumbers without water for too long, otherwise they will start to taste bitter and spoil your fresh vitamin salads.

If the average air temperature reaches 27 ° C, in no case should watering be restricted. On the contrary, it can be done twice a day, because high temperatures interfere with fruit set.

Reason 2. Too dense landing.

If you planted cucumbers too close to each other, the plants will be poorly ventilated, they will lack sunlight, and nutrients will not be able to flow in sufficient quantities to the roots. The result will be later or weak flowering.

If the size of your plot is limited, try growing cucumbers on a trellis, in barrels or in a package. These simple methods will allow you to efficiently use the available space.

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Sometimes excessively thickened planting, damaging plants, occur as a result of improper formation of the bush. If you decide to shape cucumbers vertically, then it is important to know that different varieties require a different approach. Plants on which flowers are formed of male type, it is desirable to pinch in the phase 5-6 of these leaves. This will contribute to the appearance of lateral shoots with female flowers. In parthenocarpic varieties and hybrids, they "blind" (remove) all shoots and buds that appeared in the axils of 3-5 lower leaflets. This allows you to get rid of ovaries that inhibit the development of the bush.

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Reason 3. substandard seeds

Sometimes novice gardeners find on the shelves of stores a wonderful variety of cucumbers, which gives tasty and beautiful fruits, ideal for both fresh eating and canning. It is logical that I want to collect the seeds of such plants, to subsequently use them for sowing. However, next year, for some reason, cucumbers do not bloom or give a large number of barren flowers. Most often this means that the plant used to harvest the seeds was pollinated with a hybrid or was itself a hybrid. Since it is very difficult to control cross-pollination in a typical small area, it is best to buy seeds from proven companies. Self-preparation is, at first glance, a fairly simple but risky business.

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If you do decide to try your luck, choose fruits with four seed chambers for harvesting seeds, usually they produce many female flowers.

Reason 4. Unbalanced dressing

One of the most common mistakes is excessive nitrogen fertilization. As a rule, at the same time the plant begins to actively increase the green mass, without tying the fruit. It is important to remember that for the normal development of your green pets also need potassium and phosphorus. And nitrogen from the beginning of flowering can be completely excluded. Just for the season cucumbers enough to feed 4 times.

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And it is also useful to pour cucumbers with diluted milk, which is a source of potassium and helps maintain a neutral soil reaction (1 cup of milk per 10 liters of water).

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Reason 5. Improper soil preparation.

Cucumbers are demanding not only the temperature of the soil, but also its composition. If you plant cucumbers in the same place for several years in a row (for example, in a greenhouse), you should be prepared for the fact that a significant amount of pathogenic microorganisms have accumulated in the soil. As a rule, they lead to the development of fungal diseases that inhibit the plant.

In order not to be left without a crop, do not forget to follow the rules of crop rotation. Best of all, cucumbers will feel in a place where white cabbage, tomatoes, peas, potatoes or beets were previously grown.

Since cucumbers prefer warmed soil, warm beds are a good option for growing them.

If you grow cucumbers in a greenhouse, by all means change the soil every few years or till the ground and the enclosing structures with fungicides.

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In addition, cucumbers are not too fond of splinter soil. Therefore, chalk, hydrated lime or dolomite flour should be made ahead of time.

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Even more offensive situations happen: cucumbers bloom, but the ovary does not. If the flowers on cucumbers appeared, but among them there are too many barren flowers, the reason is most likely also in the wrong care. Even if the current harvest cannot be saved, the situation should be analyzed in order not to repeat its own mistakes next year.

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It is easiest to avoid the problem of barren flowers if you sow the seeds of parthenocarpic or self-pollinated hybrids.

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