How to get a good harvest of beans by EM technology

Beans, like all legumes, gives a good harvest on light, fertile soils. What if your land does not meet these requirements? In this case, you can grow beans by EM technology.

EM-technology is a method of organic farming without the use of fertilizers, which restores the soil after chemicalization, and also increases the yield. To date, such Russian EM preparations as the Shining-3 Bokashi, Baikal EM-1, Shining-2, EM-ceramics and Shining-1 have been created.

Preparation of beds

Growing beans using EM technology begins with the preparation of beds. For this, from October to November, the plot cleared of weeds is treated with an EM preparation (working solution 1: 1000, that is, a bucket for 1 hundred parts of the earth). In winter, most microorganisms die. To restore their balance to the desired level, the beds are treated as soon as possible with Baikal-EM-1 (working solution 1: 100, that is, 2 liters per 1 square meter). Processing is carried out when the temperature of the soil reaches 10 ° C. It should take at least 10 days between processing with the EM preparation and planting the beans. During this time you have to do one more procedure - remove weeds using a Fokin flat cutter. Grass cut to a depth of no more than 3 cm.

Preparation of beans for planting

Beans of beans on the day of planting should be placed for 60 minutes in a solution of potassium permanganate. After that, planting material is plentifully sprayed with an EM-preparation from a spray bottle. In a moist state, seeds stand for 3-3.5 hours. When soaking and spraying, it is necessary to limit the direct sunlight on the planting material. This method of processing increases the resistance of beans to many diseases.

Planting and cultivation of beans by EM technology

Beans are a heat-loving culture, so they are sown from April 20 to May 10. The seeds are laid to a depth of 4-5 cm. Sprouted beans are planted at a distance of 10 cm, the gap between the rows is 15-20 cm.

Growing beans using EM technology gives excellent results.

The first treatment with the EM-drug is carried out when all shoots break through, the next - every 2 weeks. As soon as the last fruits began, the treatment with the EM-drug is stopped. After the culture has reached a height of 10 cm, the aisles are sprinkled with organic matter: manure, straw, husk or sawdust. Before flowering culture should be watered once a week during dry weather. In the phase of flowering and the appearance of the pods, watering the beans is doubled.

Harvesting Beans

On a sunny day, the stem of the crop is chopped with a chopper, and after a couple of days, dry beans are harvested, while the leaves remain in the garden as mulch. The remains of the beans (leaves, stalks) are treated with an EM preparation (working solution 1: 500), and then mixed with earth using a chopper. With this technology, you can collect up to 50 kg of beans from one hundred. In addition to a rich harvest, the structure of the land plot will improve: the soil will become friable and coarse-grained, and the color will be darker, which indicates fertility.

Growing up with EM technology gives excellent results if you follow all the rules.

EM drugs confidently entered the dacha plots. And for good reason! Try and grow a great harvest of beans with the use of modern technologies.

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