15 incredible facts about strawberries that you do not know

The origin and name of the strawberry (strawberry) is shrouded in many conjectures and secrets. Some consider it the gift of the gods, others - the result of a mysterious natural selection. One thing is clear - there is no other such berry in the world.

There are thousands of articles and dozens of books written about strawberries. Many summer residents can spend hours talking about the intricacies of growing this berry and are ready to share unusual recipes for its preparation. However, even such a well-studied and well-known culture, like strawberries, still harbors many secrets and features that you could not pay attention to.

1. Garden strawberries - one of the few crops in which the seeds are outside, but not inside the berries. On average, each of them contains up to 200 seeds.

2. Strawberry, as well as apple, pear, almond, apricot, belongs to the family Pink. Hence its aesthetic appeal during the flowering period. In addition, it belongs to the fast ripening berries, so gardeners usually enjoy it first.

3. Garden strawberry is a very tender berry, it cannot be washed in advance, but only immediately before use. Otherwise, it starts to rot and loses its beneficial properties.

4. It is considered that citrus fruits (orange, lemon, etc.) are the champions in the content of vitamins C. However, our garden neighbor - strawberries - is also almost as good as the content of this vital element. 100 g of the product contains up to 98% of the daily dose of vitamin.

5. Strawberries are one of the most common crops on the planet. It is grown on all continents except Australia. The largest producer region is California, where up to 1 billion tons of berries are harvested per year. But the best are the berries from the UK. The first mentions of strawberries refer to 234 BC, when they began to grow it on the territory of modern Italy. The second "discovery" of this berry belongs to the XVI century.

One cup of strawberries contains only about 40 calories.

6. In Belgium, in the town of Vepion, there has been a strawberry museum for many years - every gardener considers it to be a part of business.

7. Flavonoids give a rich bright red color to strawberries. They lower blood cholesterol and prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases.

8. In the world there are varieties of strawberry-albino - without a characteristic red color. Unlike other varieties of crops, white strawberries do not lose their beneficial properties.

9. Ancient Romans and other nations attributed strawberry to magical properties. She was treated with fever, bad breath, indigestion, and was even recommended as a medicine for depression and headaches. The French still regard fragrant red berries as a powerful aphrodisiac.

10. Mistresses who care about their youth and beauty, have long used garden strawberries in the "summer cosmetic office." The berries contain salicylic acid, which helps to remove dead skin cells and skin impurities. Strawberries whiten the skin, discolor age spots and freckles.

In England, strawberry and strawberry bushes underlay straw so that the fruits do not get dirty. That is why the English name of strawberry (strawberry) literally translates as straw berry

11. Berries of some varieties, such as Pinberry possess pineapple flavor. This strawberry is grown in greenhouses, and as it ripens it becomes white, and the seeds on it are red.

12. Strawberry jam or jam, fresh berries with whipped cream and other "sweet" strawberry dishes are familiar to all. But in some countries green strawberries are even marinated and find it tastier than traditional "sweet" brethren.

13. But even pickling is not the most exotic way of harvesting strawberries. It is served with cream and seafood, cheese and poultry, combined with cucumber and green onions. One of the most original dishes - strawberries, fried in butter with the addition of black pepper.

14. If you think that the strawberry from your garden has reached record sizes, compare it with a real giantess of the strawberry world - a berry weighing 231 g, picked in 1983 in Rolkestone, Kent (USA). True, they say, it tasted like slightly sweetened water.

15. Strawberries are not just garden berries that grow on each plot. In some places, it is recognized as a symbol of luxury. For example, in a restaurant in New Orleans (USA) you can order a dish of strawberries with cream and mint leaves for $ 1.4 million. Oh yeah, the gold ring with a pink diamond weighing 5 carats is still attached to the dish.

Some Hollywood stars prefer to lose weight with a strawberry diet.

This is such an amazing berry - garden strawberry, better known as strawberry. We told only about the most interesting facts, but this small garden "asterisk" still hides a lot of interesting things. Follow our publications and you will find out what.

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