What kind of shovels are needed in a garden?

A shovel in the garden is one of the most important tools. Without it, you can not dig up the soil, plant plants and perform other operations. There are various types of shovels and it is desirable to have several in the farm at once.

Perhaps you have noticed before that shovels differ in length (more precisely in height) and the shape of the cutting. This is no accident, because different types of shovels are designed for different tasks.

What are garden shovels

At least two varieties of shovels are needed for every gardener: bayonet and shovel. Bayonet shovel is the most sought after. With its help, they dig up the beds, destroy large weeds and shoots, dig in and loosen shrubs and trees, dig up ripened vegetables from the ground. We can say that throughout the summer season such a shovel is used practically. It is desirable to have 2 small light and at least 1 heavy bayonet spade.

Via sovok shovels load compost, humus, sand into carts or buckets. Do not do without it in the preparation of the compost pit or the formation of a "warm" beds for cucumbers and so on. culture. As a rule, a shovel is enough alone in the country.

Some gardeners liked universal shovelwhich is something between a sovok and a bayonet. She has a strong sharp scoop, curved inside. It is convenient to work in the preparation of planting pits for seedlings.
There are also many other types of spades, but they already belong to a specialized tool.

Rules for choosing a garden spade

When choosing a finished spade shovel you need to keep in mind that bayonet joint must be done at an angle of 180 degrees. The most convenient in work is a bayonet of no more than 20 cm in size. Large models are also sold, but they are not convenient for work. In the garden, you may need a tool with a pointed blade and a rectangular bayonet. Therefore, it is advisable to buy different models.
Working part (base) shovel in relation to the handle is located at an obtuse angle, it is provided by the design of the scoop itself. For the garden is suitable tool with an average size and average depth of the scoop.

Concerning material and shape cutting, it is chosen for reasons of ease of use. Usually choose a wooden stalk, smooth along its entire length. The surface of the cutting should be well polished, should not have cracks, notches and depressions. Ready-to-use tools are sold with a standard handle 120 cm long. It is worth noting that this length is not sufficient for a person of even average height (165-170 cm). When buying a shovel you need to try on it, imitate digging. It may be better to purchase parts separately and assemble the instrument yourself.
Shovels may have different weight: heavier, safer to operate, but easier to operate more comfortable.
Models with telescopic handles and removable cuttings - these are, of course, interesting offers of the modern market, but it is more prudent to refuse such constructions. The farm is safer than conventional models with wooden cuttings.

Garden shovel care

  • In order for the tool to always be in working condition, it must be monitored. Blades of shovels need to be sharpened on the machine or manually, regularly check the fasteners.
  • After use, you must clean the spade from the ground and clean it in a dry place.
  • To keep shovels from being left unattended, make it a habit to stick them into the ground during work breaks, not throw them. So you will not forget to remove the tool, even if after a break you are distracted by another job.

Choose a shovel that is most suitable for your site, and ideally have several types in your arsenal. Work for a good shovel is always there.

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