Overview of new varieties and hybrids of cucumber season 2016-2017

With the approach of winter, it's time to think about what vegetables you sow in your garden in the spring. We tell you what kind of cucumber seeds are offered by famous producers for growing in the next season.

Popular agrofirms do not stop at the achieved results and are constantly engaged in breeding varieties with improved characteristics, taking into account the numerous wishes of gardeners. Recently, seeds of new varieties and hybrids of cucumbers have appeared on the market, which meet the most modern requirements.

New from "Agrofirm Mars"

LLC Agrofirma MARS has been operating in the seed market since 1998, selling products called Ural Summer Resident. Varieties and hybrids are tested in the harsh climate of the Urals, so even in an unfavorable summer, the plants from the seeds of this agricultural firm are pleased with a generous harvest.

In addition, before each new season, all seed material is tested for quality (growth energy, germination, purity, humidity, etc.) at the Rosselkhoz Center, Chelyabinsk Region, and meets the requirements of GOST.

This year "Agrofirma MARS" presented the seeds of superbatch hybrids of cucumber.

All the envy of F1

This self-pollinated early-ripening hybrid is able to bear fruit in conditions of lack of light. In nodes formed by 6 or more ovaries. The fruits have excellent pickling qualities and will surely win the hearts of many gardeners.

General's F1

Highly productive and precocious parthenocarpic hybrid. Up to 12 ovaries form in the nodes of the plant. These cucumbers can significantly extend the cucumber season, as they are quite unpretentious, quickly adapt to cold August nights, are shade-tolerant and have genetic protection from almost all diseases.

Mels F1

This hybrid is unique in many ways. Cucumber Mels F1 is ultra-fast: only 36 days pass from sprouting to the first fruits, and on the bush many bright green cucumbers (up to 10 cm long) ripen at the same time with frequent and not prickly pubescence. In each node - 5-7 ovaries, up to 400 fruits can be removed from a plant per season. Even with poor care, they are not bitter and empty, green stuff grows dense, crispy and fragrant.

Beam Splendor F1

The hybrid is characterized by abundant fruiting in a wide temperature range, cucumbers ripen on the bush until late autumn. In the nodes formed 3-7 ovaries. The plant is resistant to powdery mildew, olive blotch, common cucumber mosaic virus, tolerant to downy mildew. The hybrid perfectly tolerates cooling, so it is recommended for cultivation in the northern regions, as well as in areas located in lowlands, where sudden changes in air temperature and cold fogs are possible.


This hybrid is especially good for salting and canning. A large number of Zelentsa ripen on the plant together, especially at the very beginning of the fruiting period. This allows you to get a big harvest of fresh cucumbers in the early summer, when their price on the market is still quite high. The hybrid is very heat-resistant, even in dry summer on the bushes a large number of delicious greens are formed.

F1 perfection itself

The hybrid is characterized by an abundance of green leaves on the whips and high yields. These cucumbers have dense pulp, which makes cucumbers very crispy when canned. And they are good in fresh salads. Dark green gherkins are not bitter even when grown in adverse weather conditions.

F1 Siberian garland

This new self-pollinating hybrid of bouquet type amazes with its incredible yield, the ability to bear fruit even in the most extreme conditions (before the first frost) and resistance to diseases: real and downy mildew, olive blotch, and cucumber mosaic virus. Scourge bush, like a Christmas garland, hung with many small (5-8 cm long), juicy, crunchy, fragrant, incredibly sweet and not bitter dark green cucumbers with thick and delicate pubescence. Fruits ripen in just 45 days after germination. Cucumbers are ideal for salting.

Detailed information about the agrofirm and new varieties and hybrids of cucumbers can be found at www.marsagro.ru.

New from the "Russian Garden"

The company "Russian Garden" has its own scientific base in Schelkovo (Moscow region), where experienced breeders produce new varieties and hybrids. Also, there are laboratories for breeding research and quality control, summer and winter greenhouses, a professional climatic repository for especially valuable and initial seeds, and an exclusive experimental and demonstration site.

All a bunch! F1

Super-fast parthenocarpic hybrid, which begins to bear fruit within 35 days after germination. The plant is indeterminate, female type of flowering, in nodes forms up to 6 ovaries. Suitable for cultivation in open ground and in the greenhouse. Fruits - cornish type (about 9 cm long and weighing 60 g), crispy, very tasty, especially in salted form.

For more information on the products of the "Russian Garden" can be found at www.ncsemena.ru.

New from the company "Search"

The agricultural company "Poisk" is engaged in the selection, production and wholesale of sowing and planting material: bulbs of garden flowers, saplings of ornamental and fruit crops, seedlings, houseplants. The company also sells fertilizers, plant protection products and other useful materials.

F1 Fast and Furious

This early ripe parthenocarpic hybrid of a female type of flowering is recommended for cultivation in film greenhouses and open ground. The period from emergence to harvest is 38-42 days. The plant is vigorous, with medium branching. 2-3 knots are formed in the node. The fruits are beautiful, cylindrical, large-celled, dark green with white thorns. The length of cucumbers is 10-12 cm, diameter - 3.5-4 cm, weight - 110-130 g. The plant is resistant to powdery mildew, olive blotch and cucumber mosaic virus. The fruits are used for fresh consumption and canning.

More information about the agrofirm and the new variety of cucumber can be found at www.semenasad.ru.

New from agrofirm "Manul"

Breeding and seed company "Manul" is engaged in the creation of hybrids and varieties adapted to modern environmental conditions. The agrofirm conducts industrial seed-growing of vegetable cultures in specialized farms in many regions of Russia. Employees supervise seed crops, carry out sorting, approbation, soil control. The company "Manul" maintains close ties with scientific agricultural centers, conducts joint research on the growth, development and fruiting of plants, physiology of resistance, varietal characteristics of mineral nutrition.

Balagan F1

Early mathed parthenocarpic kornishonny beam hybrid of predominantly female type of flowering. Designed for cultivation on balconies, verandas, loggias, in greenhouses and open ground. The bush branches weakly; lateral shoots are short, determinant type. The nodes form an average of 2 to 6 ovaries. Zelentsy of an oval form (8-10 cm long, with a diameter of 3-3,5 cm, weight of 80-90 g), intensive green color with a glossy surface, longitudinal light strips and small hillocks. Fresh and salted cucumbers are delicious, dense, crispy. The hybrid is resistant to olive blotch, common cucumber mosaic virus, powdery mildew, tolerant to downy powdery mildew.

F1 calendar

Early mature parthenocarpic gherkin hybrid of female or predominantly female type of flowering with puchkovy arrangement of ovaries in the nodes. With its characteristics, this hybrid is very similar to the previous one.

Hummingbird F1

Partenokarpichesky beam kornishonny hybrid of female or predominantly female type of flowering, which is recommended for growing on balconies, verandas, loggias, in open ground and greenhouses. The bush branches weakly, there are many side shoots, but they are short. The leaves are small, arranged horizontally to the surface of the soil, the interstices of the main lash are very short. Zelentsy are small (5-8 cm long, 2.5-3.5 cm in diameter, weighing 60-80 g), tuberculate, with white thorns, on a long stalk. The fruits are very tasty in fresh and salted form. Plants are resistant to most common diseases.

F1 maze

This early parthenocarpic bundle gherkin hybrid of a female type of flowering is suitable for cultivation in greenhouses and open ground. Fruiting occurs at 38-40 days after germination. In the nodes formed from 2 to 5 ovaries, the average branching. Zelentsy of a cylindrical form, 10-12 cm long, with a diameter up to 3,6 cm, weight of 90-110 g, with longitudinal light strips.

Swallowtail F1

Early mathenocarpic bundle kornishonny hybrid of female or mainly female type of flowering. It is also intended for cultivation on balconies, loggias, verandas, in the open field and greenhouses. The main lash on the bush is long, the branching is weak, the internodes are short. The leaves are small, weakly wrinkled. Cabbage leaves are short, tuberculate, 7-11 cm long, 2.6-3.5 cm in diameter, weighing 60-110 g, with light longitudinal stripes and tubercles of average size. In the nodes of the stem and lateral shoots formed from 2 to 11 ovaries. The hybrid is resistant to olive blotch, common cucumber mosaic virus, powdery mildew, tolerant to downy powdery mildew.

In a wide range of products presented on the company's website.

News from the company "Sortsemovoshch"

"Sortsemovoshch" is among the five largest seed companies in Russia. The company is engaged in the selection, production, processing and sale (under the brand "House of Seeds") more than 1,500 varietal varieties of seeds of vegetable and flower crops, as well as soils, fertilizers and other goods for the garden.

Sarovsky F1

This hybrid is adapted to the climatic conditions of the north-western region, intended for growing in film greenhouses and greenhouses. The fruits ripen in 38-42 days after germination, single-bush. In each bosom formed 3-8 ovaries. Plants do not need to be formed: the growth of lateral shoots is self-regulated. Zelentsy of a beautiful oblong-oval shape, 11-13 cm long, weighing 110-130 g, they are large-tuberous, white-headed, with thin skin without bitterness. Suitable for fresh consumption and canning. The hybrid is resistant to a complex of major diseases.


The medium early variety (from sprouting to the beginning of fruiting is 45-50 days) with partial parthenocarpia, intended for film greenhouses and open ground. Plants sredneroslye, with moderate branching, mostly female type of flowering. The fruits are very beautiful, leveled, oval, dark green, 9-11cm long, medium-tuberous, dense, crispy, genetically free from bitterness. Zelentsy are suitable for the fresh use, salting and conservation.

Tarapunka F1

This early parthenocarpic hybrid ripens 40-45 days after germination. It is recommended for cultivation in film greenhouses. The plant has limited lateral branching. Zelentsy srednebugorchatye, 8-11 cm long, not bitter, universal purpose. The hybrid is resistant to a complex of major diseases.

Details about the updates from "Sortsemovoshch" can be found on the website www.seed.ru.

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