The most unpretentious varieties of tomatoes

Tomatoes are a southern crop, but there are different varieties and hybrids that allow you to grow a good crop even in the most difficult conditions. The main thing is to choose the right plants for your site.

When choosing seeds, remember that all tomatoes differ in taste. In addition, it should be understood that, for example, tomatoes for canning are different from those that you will use fresh.

Betta F1

This hybrid impresses with its characteristics. It is ultra early, only 75 days pass from germination to harvesting the first fruits. It is also very cold resistant. Bushes can be sown directly into the ground. The tomatoes themselves are not large, not more than 50 g, round in shape, very tasty and fragrant.


Tomatoes of this variety grow well in cold summer conditions. They are not afraid of phytophthora. Ripen 100 days after germination. The fruits are red, beautiful round shape.

Summer resident

This variety grows well without shelter. At the same time, its fruits are almost as good as greenhouses. Separately, it should be mentioned its high resistance to diseases.


This is the most large-fruited variety for open ground. The magnitude of the fruit is not inferior to the greenhouse. The variety is quite unpretentious. But at the same time requires compulsory shaping. Without this, a good harvest will not work. It is better to form it in two stalks. This will give an earlier and higher yield.

Caspar F1

For lovers of canned grown tomatoes, this hybrid is ideal. Its peppered fruits do not lose their shape. Also, they are perfectly transported to any distance. Plants do not require forming. Caring for them requires a minimum.


These tomatoes are attractive for their bright taste. Also, the fruits are very beautiful in appearance. Growing them is a pleasure. You will not need any cover. Can be planted directly into the ground. This is very convenient if you are rare in the country.

Sanka F1

One of the new hybrids. According to its characteristics is not inferiorYamal. It can be safely grown in open ground on most of the middle band. From planting to harvest about eighty days, while after the return of the first crop the plant grows and continues to bear fruit until frost. The fruit is red, fleshy, rounded, weighing up to 150 g

Semko Sinbad F1

This hybrid is used for blanks, but it is also very tasty in salads. Ripe fruits can be safely transported, they will not be confused. It is very undemanding to care. But it responds to good conditions by increasing yields. This is one of the popular domestic hybrids.


An excellent variety for growing without shelters. He perfectly tolerates all weather problems. Fruits are medium, oblong in shape, fairly dense, weighing about 100 g. They are well suited for all types of canning.

It is ideal for summer cottages, small-sized fruits are able to ripen even with irregular care. Also this old variety does not suffer from diseases. It is best to use fresh fruit, they are ideal for this purpose.


This variety is known for more than one generation of gardeners. Low plants, not exceeding half a meter, give a good harvest of red fruits in any summer. Therefore, he has not lost popularity for many years. From sowing to fruit ripening, it takes 90-100 days. Its fruits are red, flat-rounded. The variety is extremely resistant to various diseases.

Choose the right varieties of tomatoes - and you can grow a good harvest of tasty fruits every year.

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