How to grow an unprecedented crop of cucumbers - 9 proven tips

To get the crunchy green cucumbers of the correct form and without bitterness, it is not enough just to sow the seeds. It is important to know something else.

Tip 1: decide on varieties

Try to pick those varieties of cucumbers that grow well and bear fruit in your region for a long time. Also it is necessary to give preference to varieties resistant to diseases. For example, a variety of cucumbers Phoenix. Good vitality is different variety Far East 17.

Tip 2: water properly

An important stage of care, on which the quality of the crop of cucumbers directly depends, is watering. It must be adjusted depending on weather conditions. In the hot season, cucumbers should be watered daily and only with warm water. If the temperature suddenly drops, then watering should be reduced. In this case, cucumbers must have enough moisture, otherwise the fruits will be bitter.

Tip 3: help with dusting

If plants are poorly pollinated, you can help them, armed with just a soft brush. With its help, pollen from male flowers should be transferred to female ones. It is quite simple to distinguish male and female flowers: the male has stamens, the female has a pistil. At the first pollen is formed, on the second - the ovary.

If you have several beds with cucumbers that are not tied, and the work on pollination is not practical, you can interrupt watering for a short time. Under stress, cucumbers begin to form many female flowers.

Tip 4: Remove the stepchildren

Extra shoots take away a lot of strength from the plants for their development, but do not give fruit. So that they do not take energy from the bushes, they should be removed until they have grown more than 4-6 cm. Just be careful: cucumbers have very brittle stems, therefore you need to carefully grate them. Usually, a sheet is pulled off with one hand, and the second is pinched by a stepchild. But if you can't do it with your hands, you should use scissors.

Tip 5: Do not forget to feed cucumbers

During the season, cucumbers are fed several times. First top dressing held 15 days after planting, the second - at the beginning of the flowering of cucumbers, the third and fourth - during the mass fruiting. The purpose of the last feeding - to extend the period of fruiting cucumber lashes.

It is very important that cucumbers get enough nitrogen, because it promotes normal plant growth. Thus, it is possible to feed cucumbers with both mineral and organic fertilizers, and you can alternate them.

Grass shaker or granulated bird droppings are excellent for feeding cucumbers. For cooking grass mash You need to pour 1 kg of grass or compost 20 liters of water and insist for several days. Then with this infusion you can water the beds with cucumbers at the rate of 10 l (bucket) per 1 sq. M of soil.

Granulated bird droppings should be filled with water in a ratio of 1:10 and insist for a week. Then 1 liter of the resulting infusion must be diluted in 10 liters of water. When watering, make sure that the nutrient solution does not fall on the leaves.

Tip 6: increase the carbon dioxide content in the greenhouse

If cucumbers grow in the greenhouse, you can raise the carbon dioxide content, which contributes to better plant growth. To do this, simply put in a greenhouse barrel with mullein. Cucumbers grow well with soil mulching with fresh manure: it also increases the concentration of carbon dioxide in the greenhouse. The layer of mulch should be at least 3-5 cm.

Tip 7: Mulch planting

It is possible to mulch cucumbers with other materials: humus, peat, sawdust, straw. They will help retain moisture in the soil for a longer period of time and enrich it with nutrients. In this case, water cucumbers will be less likely.

Tip 8: periodically loosen the soil

It is recommended to loosen the land around the cucumbers after each rain or watering. You can simply pierce it with a fork to a depth of 3-4 cm. This is necessary so that the roots of the plants can breathe.

Tip 9: Feed the cucumbers with milk

Some summer residents successfully practice dairy feeding cucumbers. Every 2 weeks the plants can be watered with water with the addition of milk at the rate of 1 l milk per 10 l water. Such irrigation significantly accelerates the growth of greens.

If you have your own tips on growing cucumbers that you can add to our list, be sure to write in the comments or on our forum.

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