Top-6 decorative plants of the season-2017, which have become a discovery for designers

Now hotly discussing how to decorate the site in the new year. We asked landscape designers, gardening specialists, and just keen flower growers which plants especially pleased them in 2017. Take note of these recommendations.

As it turned out, these plants are not at all garden novelties. They have long been known to avid gardeners and specialists in the field of gardening. But in each concrete situation they became a real discovery - not only they justified, but even exceeded expectations, showing their best qualities.

White Dome Hortensia - luxurious bloom even in the forest

Natalia Borisova, landscape architect, head of Landscape Workshop NB-GARDEN (Moscow)

Our landscape workshop works a lot with forest areas, which are characterized by special conditions for the selection of plants: firstly, they must withstand shading, secondly, their appearance must match the forest image.

Recently tried a hydrangea tree variety White House (hydrangea arborescens white dome). She fit well into the forest "history" and, most importantly, withstood partial shade.

This variety has a very beautiful velvety, slightly corrugated leaves that bloom quite early. The thyroid inflorescences do not amaze the imagination, but on the other hand they do not fall apart and do not need props during flowering. Along the edge of a creamy-white shield of fertile flowers, asterisks are scattered with snow-white sterile flowers. Plus, the variety is frost-resistant, does not lose its decorative effect for a long time and looks very harmonious in the forest environment.

Royal Purple Sumph - amazing will to live

Natalya Kits, amateur gardener (Moscow)

Like many lovers and connoisseurs of plants, I have long heard of leather tanning Royal Perple (Royal Purple) with an unusually beautiful red-purple foliage and airy, like gentle clouds, inflorescences. Great accent in any garden! But, as they say, there is a tiny insufficient ... in our region it can freeze.

However, despite everything, in 2016, I still bought a sapling and planted it in the garden. But in the spring of 2017, my skumpy died (as it seemed to me then). What a grief it was ... But, fortunately, it did not last long. From the shoots sticking up and cut almost to the root, new ones “jumped out” - strong and bright! For me, this was an incredible discovery.

Now I am convinced that leather tanning can be grown in the Moscow region. After all, this plant is not only incredibly beautiful, but also has a great desire for life!

Rose Silver Cloud - exquisite beauty for a long time

Elena Demyanchuk, rozovod, author of the book "Roses", the owner of the garden, in which more than 400 varieties of roses (Moscow)

A real discovery of 2017 for me was a rose Silver Cloud (Silver Cloud Ralph S. Moore). Its color is impossible to convey in words, it is simply magical: silvery ash with a lavender shade! But the most surprising thing for me was something else - it is the longevity of the flower. In the rainy summer of 2017, the rose held a bouquet of flowers for 2 weeks!

The shape of the bush is not yet clear, because I have a whole year rose. The manufacturer claims that it will grow a bush with a height of 105-120 cm. But, as I have already seen, the size of roses in the Moscow region does not always correspond to the manufacturer's data.

Geranium Rozanne - a floral holiday that is always with you

Natalia Kravchuk and Svetlana Guseva, landscape designers (Moscow)

We have heard a lot about the merits and merits of the geranium variety Roseanna (Geranium hybrid Rozanne) and that is why they decided to use it in a flower garden, where the role of "water" was assigned to the latter. Geranium bushes acted as a filler plant and tamping the edge of the flower bed, in which the fish “splash” - the structures from the shiny cotoneaster.

She did an excellent job with her task. Planted in a sunny place, at the end of June 2017, the bushes grew and closed very quickly. A few months blue "sea" of geranium Roseanna pleased the hosts and us with their friendly abundant flowering, which lasted without a break until the very late autumn. We hope that the plant will not let us down and will endure this winter very well.

Penninsetum Hameln - our winters do not care!

Olga Nesteruk, landscape designer (Minsk)

I have always considered pennisetums insufficiently frost-resistant and generally problematic plants for our zone. And only this year I learned that in practice this magnificent plant can be fully grown in the conditions of Belarus.

Pennisetum foxtail varieties Hamelin (Hameln) can be a great background, but it also looks good in single landings. And this grass is a great companion for bulbous and ornamental plants in the first half of summer, because its penniestum throws out only in the second half of July. Depending on soil fertility, plant height can vary from 60 to 80 cm.

If you land a penninsetum Hameln a small bush, then in the first year this plant manifests itself very weakly. Little grows and throws a small amount of panicles. It gains a high decorative effect only a few years later.

Rose Ascot - More Than Expected

Inara Zhuka, amateur gardener (Moscow)

My most amazing discovery of 2017 is the shrub rose Ascot (Ascot). What can be said about this plant? Gorgeous bushes, incredible bloom all summer and, of course, excellent aroma!

Let's see how perezimuet)))

Here 2017 has pleased with such amazing discoveries. Plants that previously seemed capricious and difficult to grow turned out to be very resistant and tenacious. The garden prudes, unremarkable at first glance, “played” with new colors in the right environment.
Friends, we sincerely wish you that in the new year you will have even more reasons to enjoy communication with nature and enjoy its genuine beauty. And we will try to help in this and motivate your materials.


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