Derain red

Derain is red, or svidina blood-red, grows well in shady forests and scrublands. Plant this plant on a site where light-loving flowers feel bad - and your shady corner will play with bright colors all year round.

This unusual shrub is famous for its very strong wood of bright color. Strong shoots withstand gusty winds and do not break under the weight of snow. Derain attracts attention all year round, but it is in the winter that it changes the garden beyond recognition.

Blood red branches - decoration of the winter garden

Young shoots derena - green, with adpressed hairs. Gradually they darken, become bare and by the autumn become blood-red, for which this plant got its name. Bright vertically located shoots are like flames. With the arrival of spring, their coloring becomes even more saturated.

Depending on the variety, shoot color varies from yellow-orange to maroon-red.
In winter, shoots are so red that it seems as if a fire has been lit on the snow
In most forms and varieties of red derena, shoots located on the sunlit side become brighter in color.

Color changing leaves

In spring, leaves with a length of 4-10 cm elliptic with a pointed apex appear on bright shoots. On both sides they are covered with fluffy hairs.

Spring and summer leaves are dark green.
In autumn, the leaves of the turf become yellow-orange and wine-red.

With the onset of frost leaves fall. But without them, the bush retains its decorative properties.

Summer is the time for delicate flowers and anthracite fruits

In late May - early June, small flowers appear in large green leaves, gathered in fluffy, dense, almost flat scutes with a diameter of up to 7 cm.

Duration of flowering - 15-20 days

With good care, the shrub may bloom again in September.

In late August or early summer, corymbose inflorescences turn into clusters of blue-black berries the size of a pea.

Fruits are red inedible

Derain red in landscape design

With the help of this bright shrub, you can strengthen the slopes (the plant gives a lot of root shoots), disguise unattractive garden buildings, decorate a shady corner in which flowering plants are unable to survive, and also add bright colors to a boring winter garden.

The shrub looks good at any time of the year in both single and group plantings

Derain is ideal for creating tall hedges. It is completely unpretentious, resistant to air pollution, therefore it is widely used in urban greening.

           Green leaves           
              White flowers                   
                       Blue-black berries   
                         Orange and maroon leaves   

  • For the cultivation of turf any soil is suitable, except for very acidic and poor sandy.
  • The shrub grows well in sunny and semi-shady areas. Can put up with a deep shadow.
  • The plant is undemanding in the care. It needs to be watered in dry time and form a crown with the help of spring pruning.
  • In deren, grown for bright branches, pruned shoots in the spring at a height of 5-20 cm from the ground. In plants planted for the sake of flowers and beautiful foliage, the crown is thinned only once every few years.

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