How does cherry differ from sweet cherry and is there a hybrid of these two cultures?

Do you grow similar trees from the family Rosaceae and you can not recognize them? We will tell how to distinguish cherries from cherries.

These cultures are really very similar. So, the British and Americans call cherry "cherry", and sweet cherry - "sweet cherry", that is, "sweet cherry." But it's not just the taste of the fruit. Of course, in external signs, these trees have much in common, but there are also distinctive features. Let's look at them in more detail.

Cherry and Cherry Differences

To make it easier for you to understand how to distinguish cherries from cherries, we have compiled a visual table. These trees can be identified by several parts: bark, leaves, fruits.

Cherries are on the left, cherries are on the right




Bark color

Greyish brown

Lighter, brown-reddish, sometimes with a silvery shade

Crown shape




Small, pointed, with jagged edges, bright green, with a spicy aroma.

Larger, pointed, without a characteristic odor

Root system

Horizontal and vertical



Dark red or burgundy, very juicy, with a sour, rounded shape

They can be of different colors (red, brown, yellow, pinkish), sweet, dense, fleshy, slightly flattened

Purpose of the fruit

Mainly for making jam and flavor compotes

Berries are consumed fresh, it is possible to freeze for the winter, but it is better not to do homemade preparations: jam and compotes are too sweet, sugary

Area of ​​distribution and frost resistance

The tree is cold-resistant. It feels great in temperate latitudes, therefore it does not require shelter in the middle lane.

It grows well only in the southern regions, loves the sun and warmth. In the middle lane can freeze, occurs only in southern Russia

Since these trees are relatives, they are well bred and grafted. A very common grafting of cherries on cherries. After all, this operation allows you to get a frost-resistant tree with sweeter berries, or to collect two kinds of fruits from one plant.

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What is more useful: cherry or sweet cherry?

Fruits and cherries, cherries benefit our body, because both berries contain a large amount of vitamins (A, C, E, PP, group B), folic acid, phosphorus and iron. But the main advantage of these fruits is coumarins. These biologically active substances are necessary for maintaining body tone and are indispensable for people who are in the stage of recovery after a serious illness.

But do not get too carried away with these berries: their acid can harm the teeth and the walls of the stomach. In addition, in the bones of cherries and cherries contains prussic acid, which can cause poisoning. For the same reason, it is impossible to store jams and berry compotes with stones for a long time.

It is difficult to unambiguously answer the question which of these berries is more useful. Cherry contains slightly more healing substances, including anthocyanins, but this difference is not very significant. If you prefer the sweet cherry to your taste, there is no need to force yourself to eat sour cherries. After all, delicacy juicy berries should be fun!

It is worth paying attention to the fact that fragrant cherry leaves are natural antibiotics due to the content of volatile production of them - substances that prevent the proliferation of bacteria. Therefore, cherry leaves can also be used with health benefits. For example, in the harvesting of cucumbers and tomatoes.

Hybrid of cherry and sweet cherry

Cherry, crossed with cherries, has an unusual name - Duke. It comes from the English variety of the hybrid plant Mai-Duc, bred in the XVII century. But in England this name did not stick, now it is used mainly in Russia.

Duc is resistant to moniliosis and coccomycosis. The tree gives sweet fruit with a slight sourness. Winter hardiness of a hybrid plant is average, but higher than that of a sweet cherry. This allows you to cultivate the duck in an unstable climate.

Quite often in the same garden you can find different varieties of cherries and cherries, so hybrid seedlings can appear on their own as a result of inter-pollination. But they rarely produce fertile offspring. Hybrids can bloom abundantly, but due to disturbances in the process of formation of germ cells in a plant (it is the fault of the different number of chromosomes in cherries -32 and cherries - 16), the harvest can not wait at all, or it will be small and tasteless.

The hybrid of cherry and sweet cherry feels well in the gardens of the Caucasus, the Lower Volga region, the Central Black Earth Region. The climate of these latitudes allows to obtain good duck yields. With careful care and shelter for the winter, you can try to grow a hybrid tree in the middle lane.

For the middle band, duck varieties such as Ivanovna, Beauty of the North, Nochka-1, Nochka-2, Beautiful Venyaminova, Spartanka, Wonderful Cherry.

And what culture do you prefer to grow: cherry, cherry or Duk?

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