Roses for a small garden - what types and varieties to choose

Owners of a small backyard territory know how difficult it is to equip it so that everything has a place. But for roses you can always find a corner, if you choose the right type or variety.

In order to visually expand the territory of the site, first of all, you should avoid installing deaf fences. In addition, winding paths will help: they create the illusion of expanding space. You can also rely on the correct geometric shapes, artificial obstacles or live screens.

It is also important to choose the plants correctly, because not every crop is suitable for growing in a small area. Fortunately, roses in this case will not have to give up. You can always find such species and varieties that will organically fit into the design of a modest garden and do not take up much space.

Standard roses for a small garden

Pink "trees" compared with climbing roses significantly save space in the garden, and bloom no less beautiful. This is one of the most interesting and unusual garden crops. The standard rose looks like a flower cloud on a thin “stem”. It effectively stands out from other plants and does not overload the garden.

Unlike all other roses, standard roses are divided into groups not by grades, but by height. So, the highest stem can reach a height of 90 cm. There are also half-arms - roses up to 60 cm high. The smallest roses of this type do not exceed 40 cm. Such dwarfs are perfect for a miniature garden. Although higher instances will also find a place for themselves.

Light Orange Grade Rose Catherine Deneuve (Catherine Deneuve) no wonder was named after the famous French actress. She really is a real beauty!

No less beautiful and creamy pink Princess de Monaco (Princesse de Monaco).

You can add cream and sun shine to them. Jardins de Bagatelle.

Well, and how to do without scarlet roses? Great for growing on a trunk Marcel Pagnol.

Compact Floribunda Roses

Floribunda roses are a great solution for tiny flower beds. The main thing - to choose the right varieties. For example, roses of the lowest growing varieties reach a height of 50 cm. Such roses were singled out in the Patio group as far back as the 1980s.

Although they stand apart due to their small size, they cannot be counted among the group of miniature roses (distinguished by the size of leaves, flowers, and shoots). The low shrubs of floribunda roses are quite thick, and their flowers are collected in inflorescences, which ensures lush and abundant flowering.

Rose variety Top Type (Tip Top) perfect for a small flower bed, edging paths and rabatok. In addition, such a rose can be grown in a container.

Not inferior to the previous grade rose Sweet Magic (Sweet Magic). It looks great at the edge of a flower bed, in a curb or tub.

Do not forget to plant a variety rose in a small garden. Sweet Dream. Despite the fact that it is a pot culture, it also showed itself well as a low hedge.

It should be in a miniature garden and a rose Aspirin (Aspirin). Look at her - isn't she beautiful?

Miniature roses in containers

A great option for a modest garden - roses in containers. Such flowers can grow anywhere: on the street, on the terrace, on the balcony or on the patio. In addition, they are quite mobile. This means that you can rearrange the rose in a container to another location, and the garden will immediately look different. With a flower bed roses do not work.

Of course, roses in pots require some care. But if you pay due attention to them, the return will be substantial. Of course, their size is quite modest compared to garden roses, but they significantly save space on the site, allowing you to plant many other crops.

What varieties will grow well in containers? First of all it Sonnenroshen (Sonnenоroshen) with miniature white flowers.

Another pottery beauty with double peach flowers gathered in inflorescences is Erikot Clementine (Apricot clementine).

Be sure to pay attention to the grade Flirt 2011 (Flirt 2011). Bush looks great in the container and is distinguished by pale pink buds.

Do not despair if the size of your site does not allow "roam." You can always find a way out by picking up compact plants. Therefore, even a rose there is a place, if you drop the specimens that we listed in our article. Or some others, because in the case of roses you are not limited in the choice of species and varieties.

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