7 life hacking, without which it can not do when storing garden tools

Garden equipment from a good owner is always at hand, cleaned and sharply sharpened. A careless storage delivers more inconvenience than the lack of a tool or its misuse. How to keep in order shovels, rakes and choppers?

Sometimes simple solutions are the best. And even in such a simple matter as storing an instrument, there is a place for creativity. In addition, most of the materials and devices you use constantly. We have selected the most original options that will bring order to the barn or garage and surprise with its simplicity and thoughtfulness.

1. Garden counter-organizer

It's nice when garden tools are always at hand. Long-spade shovels, hoes, flat cuts, rakes, pitchforks and brooms are usually lonely huddled in the corner of a barn. They are constantly falling, they need to be searched regularly to find what is needed, etc. A neat owner can not afford such carelessness in storage. Much better to make a simple and ergonomic stand of two boards. Take a pair of edged boards 63 mm wide and 25 mm thick. Center and drill 6-8 holes with a diameter of 32 mm in the center. Then use an electric jigsaw or a hacksaw to cut the keys at an angle of 28 ° to the center. After finishing the work, the boards can be painted, nailed vertically and placed on an improvised shelf.

2. Place to work and relax

A bench in the garden or in the courtyard is a great place to relax, but it can have another functional purpose. Inside such a bench with a box there will surely be a place for storing tools. The craftsmen decorate the bench with carved armrests, set up massive backrests, and make spacious drawers under the seat. Depending on the volume of the box, it can fit both a folded lawn mower and various trifles, such as a watering hose or a chopper and a secateur. In such boxes under the benches it is convenient to store fertilizers, sprayers, preparations for processing plants. Just make sure that the drawer-box is airtight.

3. "Secret place" under the porch

Perhaps you, without knowing it, took care of the place to store the instrument at the design stage of the house. For example, in the event that you have provided a porch or terrace that is even slightly elevated above ground level. Usually the space under the stairs or porch is not used in any way. And in vain. The existing emptiness can be carefully sewn up with boards, make a small door. Additional struts will strengthen the porch. If there is not a lot of free space under it, the side part of the steps can be turned into a small chest of drawers with drawers. Design select any, as long as it matches the appearance of the building.

4. Bags for trifles

Organizer bags are more often found in city apartments than in a country house or in a country house. Usually they are hanged on the door or in the closet. In such improvised pockets you can hide garden shears, gloves, pruner, shovel and other small inventory.

5. Pallet Holder

Just do not use ordinary wooden pallets! Their versatility simply knows no boundaries - they make coffee tables, tables, beds, headboards from the pallet, decorate the interior. It is enough just to place the pallet vertically, leaning against the wall, and place a rake, shovels, hoes and other long tools behind it. They will occupy a minimum of space, will not fall and block the passage. For reliability, the pallet can be nailed to the wall or otherwise fixed, for example, tied with ropes.

6. Universal hook holder

You did not notice that almost any garden tool has a hole in the handle? If it is very small, you can thread a string or rope into it and hang it on a hook. This will allow you to conveniently place your inventory along the walls; it will always be at hand and will not fall. And as a variety of hooks, you can use a handle from an old rake nailed to a wall.

7. Hide garden hose

Hose for watering like a snake on the plot. You never know where he is "stalking you." There are several useful tips to hide this “flexible inventory”. To begin with, hang it on the hook - so the hose will not unwind and cause inconvenience. There are also non-standard options - the hose fits perfectly in a large old saucepan, steamer or car tire - in such a container it will be better preserved and will no longer be confused under your feet.

We have given only a few ways to optimally store tools and garden tools. Perhaps you also have ideas for optimizing and improving garden space. Share them in the comments and our groups in social networks.

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