Flower pots of unexpected items, or the second life of old things

Sometimes the very missing "highlight" of your site can be just the old things that have served their time and written off to the country.

Suburban area - a place where every summer resident himself a designer. And this means that any of your ideas can be implemented, and the way you want it. In addition, in order to originally equip homestead territory, it is absolutely not necessary to spend a lot of money. Here are some interesting ideas on how to do this using old things.

A bicycle that is no longer able to go beyond the gate can still do a good service. Paint it and attach two baskets with flowers to it - and a small Italian corner will appear on your country house.

Easy to turn into mini beds and old chairs. Just take off the seat and insert a pot of flowers into it. And you can do this: just put the pots on the chair. What could be easier? Moreover, it is not always necessary to repaint an old piece of furniture. Sometimes its worn look can add charm to the composition.

There is a reason for joking about the roominess of the handbag for a reason: you can’t find anything in it. As it turned out, it is so versatile accessory that even flowers can be grown in it. See how unusual it looks.

Car tires at their summer cottage are only inferior to plastic bottles. Here are just a flowerbed of the bus today is no surprise. But with such a stylish design element on three wooden legs - as much as possible.

Changed the plumbing in the bathroom? Take the old one to the cottage. This is what can be done from an end-of-life bath. A little imagination in the selection of flowers and decorating the walls - and an exclusive flower garden is ready.

It is useful in the household and the old sink. It already has a hole for the flow of water during watering, which allows planting flowers in it, without worrying about drainage. If the sink is not too heavy, it can be hung to a tree branch. This option is especially good for a small garden, where every square meter of land is worth its weight in gold.

Do not rush to throw out broken pots, they are still useful as curbs for flowerbeds or limiters that restrain the growth of plants in the garden. And still parts of ceramic flowerpots perfectly will be suitable to leave on them any records. For example, you can mark the places where you sow flowers or herbs. When the plants go up, it will seem as if they are growing in pots.

Another unusual idea is growing flowers in the shelves of an old dresser. And if you hang a mirror over it, then such a “dressing table” with plants will create an even more unexpected effect - the triumph of nature over progress. What can I say - this is definitely a holiday option.

This is not to say that growing flowers in rubber boots is such a new idea. But, surprisingly, it still has not lost its relevance. Therefore, with a clear conscience, add it to our selection.

If you have an old birdcage that takes place on a balcony or in the basement, you can find a new “job”. Fresh flowers "behind the bars" look surprisingly attractive. See for yourself.

And in some unusual places you grow your flowers? We are waiting for your comments.

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