Healthy Earth, VSK


Healthy land, VSK is a preparation with a complex action for disinfecting the soil intended for seedlings of flower crops and potted flower plants (except for indoor plants).

Preparative form - water-suspension concentrate.

Packing - a bottle of 50 ml.

Drug benefits:

  • ideal prevention of root rot development;
  • protects against diseases for a long time;
  • inhibits soil infections in the root zone.


Healthy land, VSK is a contact-systemic fungicide to combat plant diseases transmitted through planting material and soil (blackleg, rhizoctoniosis, pythiosis and fusarium rot, verticillous wilt).

Active substance

Carboxin - 198 g / l Thiram (TMTD) - 198 g / l.


The drug Healthy Earth was created specifically for disinfecting the soil and suppressing fungal infections in the root zone.

The speed of exposure - the effect is manifested 15-30 days after treatment.

The period of protective action is 30 days.

Hazard class for humans - 3 (moderately hazardous substance).

Hazard class for bees - 3.

The use of the drug in the water protection zone of fishery ponds is prohibited.

Instructions for use

The required amount of the drug is poured into a watering tank filled in half with water, a fungicide is added to it and, with constant stirring, the working solution is brought to full volume.

The working solution should be prepared immediately before processing and used on the same day, since it is not subject to storage.

Processed culture


Ways, time obra-bot-ki,
particular bosnos

Fluid flow


Awaiting Term
Seedling flower plants


Soil disinfection after
watering of seeds

1 l / 0,2 sq.m

2 ml / l of water- (1)
Potted Flower Plants
(except indoor plants)

Rhizoctoniosis, pithy
and fusarium root rot
and verticillary wilting

Watering the soil in pots
during the growing season

1 l / 1-20 pots
on the size of the pots)

Flower plants

Rhizoctoniosis, pithy
and fusarium root rot
and verticillary wilting

Watering the soil in the period
plant growing season

1 l / sq.m


In LPH it is not recommended to mix with other drugs.

Security measures

  • The treatment is carried out in the absence of children and animals.
  • Work in specially designed clothing, gloves and a respirator.
  • After work, you need to remove workwear and take a shower.

Is forbidden:

  • Drink, eat, smoke.
  • Use utensils (containers) for food and drinking water to prepare working solutions.

First aid

  • At the first signs of acute poisoning work should be stopped, the affected person should be removed from the area affected by the drug, carefully remove clothing and PPE, avoiding contact with the skin and immediately seek medical attention;
  • at random swallowed - rinse your mouth with water, immediately give the victim to drink a few glasses of water with activated carbon (1 g of sorbent per 1 kg of body weight), cause vomiting by irritation of the back wall of the pharynx. This should be repeated several times until the drug is completely removed from the body (vomiting is caused in conscious victims), then give a glass of water with activated carbon to drink (1 g of sorbent per 1 kg of body weight) and immediately consult a doctor;
  • at inhaled - bring the victim to fresh air;
  • at hit drug on the skin - remove (without rubbing) the preparation with cotton wool, a piece of cloth or soft paper, avoiding rough rubbing of the skin, and then wash the contaminated area with soap and water;
  • at hit on clothes - after removing contaminated clothing or shoes, wash with water areas of possible skin contamination;
  • at eye contact - immediately rinse with a soft stream of clean running water.

After first aid, if necessary, seek medical attention.

Specific antidote is absent, symptomatic treatment.



Store the drug separately from drugs, food and animal feed in a dry, cool place out of the reach of children and animals.

This article was created based on the manufacturer's instructions; it is for informational purposes only and is not an advertisement.

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