The best grades of astilbe: photos, names, descriptions

Types of astilbe are varied. And in each group there are the best representatives who are ideal for growing in their summer cottage. Let's take a closer look at them.

Astilba has long been used in landscape design. It is easy to find a place in the garden, as there are varieties for every taste: dwarf (up to 20 cm), ground cover, tall (up to 1 m), etc. The variety of color and shape of astilba inflorescences is also enviable. There are plants with paniculate, pyramidal, drooping and rhombic buds.

Astilbe Arends

This hybrid astilbe (most hybrids are derived from Chinese astilbe) grows to a height of 1 m. The plant has a strong and branched rhizome. The shape of the bush - sprawling, pyramidal or spherical. Leaves - complex, feathery, with jagged edges. Flowering occurs in July-August and lasts up to 40 days. These astilbs are ideal for cutting.

Amethyst (Amethyst)

Plant height - up to 80 cm. Astilba leaves are yellowish-green, dull. Narrow and dense paniculate inflorescences (up to 30 cm long) of soft lilac color bloom in July and do not fade to 30 days.

Brautschleier, Bridalveil

This plant (up to 80 cm high) has attractive brownish-green leaves and loose, drooping inflorescences of yellowish-white color, 30 cm long. The flowers bloom in the first half of July.

Fainel (Fanal)

This astilba looks good on a bed, in rabatkah, mixborders. Also suitable for cutting. Reddish stems and petioles are harmoniously combined with dark green glossy leaves and narrow inflorescences-panicles of raspberry-red color, blooming in July.

White Gloria, Weiss Gloria (White Gloria, Weisse Gloria)

Plant height - up to 80 cm. Leaves - dark green, shiny. Inflorescences - dense, rhomboid, white, up to 25 cm long.

Color Flash (Color Flash)

This sredneroslaya astilba (up to 65 cm high) is primarily remarkable for its unique leaves, which change color. In the spring they are bright green, in the summer gradually, starting at the edges, turn red and purple. Inflorescences are narrow panicles of pale pink color. They bloom in early August.

Color Flash Lime (Color Flash Lime)

This plant differs from the previous only in the color of the leaves. In the spring, it is citric with a purple edging, in the summer it gradually darkens and becomes greenish, and closer to autumn, the leaves in the center become creamy, and along the edges - dark green. Against the background of bright leaves look great purple blossoms.

Erica (Erika, Erica)

The plant stems reach a height of 90 cm. This astilbe is attractive not only with light pink rhombic inflorescences, but also with reddish-brown leaves.

Chinese astilba

This species has both stunted varieties (15-20 cm high) and tall ones (up to 1 m). The first, as a rule, bloom in August-September, and the second - in June-August (depending on the variety). Astilba Chinese has complex, tridentary, openwork leaves.

Vision Series (Vision)

In the garden all astilbs of this series are popular: Vision (with rich purple inflorescences), Vision in pink (with pale pink flowers), Vision in red (with purple-red buds), Vision in white (with white flowers).

Hip Hop

This variety has already managed to catch the fancy of many gardeners thanks to unusual flowers: they have pinkish-white petals and rich red stamens. Plant height - up to 65 cm.

Veronica Klose

Plant height - 30-40 cm. Inflorescences bloom in the second half of July. They have an attractive rhombic shape and purple-pink color.

Superba (Superba)

On a plant 95-100 cm in height in the first half of July paniculate inflorescences of violet-pink color bloom. Flowering lasts a month. The color of inflorescences becomes pale in the sun.

Astilba Thunberg

The plant reaches a height of 80 cm. The leaves are complex, jagged at the edges. The inflorescences are usually racemes, about 25 cm long. The flowers bloom in July-August.

Straussenfeder (Straussenfeder, Ostrich Plume)

This flower is interesting because of its drooping reddish-pink or coral inflorescences and delicate dark green leaves. Plant height is about 85 cm.

Japanese astilba

Ornamental plant up to 80 cm high with compact shiny leaves of bright green color. Flowering occurs in July.

Montgomery (Montgomery)

Spectacular astilbe (up to 65 cm high) with lush dark red dense inflorescences (up to 17 cm long) that bloom in the second half of July.

Bronzelaub (Bronzelaub)

This astilbe has unpaved inflorescences, but they are harmoniously combined with reddish-green leaves. The flowers bloom in July and first have a light pink color, and over time become almost white.

Different varieties of astilbe look great in group plantings. It looks interesting flower garden, which harmoniously combines plants of different heights and colors. In the background it is better to plant the highest astilbe and with each row to reduce the height of plantings by selecting the appropriate varieties. In the same way, you can "play" and with color - make the transition from light to dark.

But do not forget: astilba feels good in low light. Of course, in the deep shadow of tall plants it should not be planted, but the neighborhood with deciduous shrubs and trees will not harm, and even help extend the flowering period. For information on where and how to plant astilba correctly, see the article in Astilba - planting and care in the open field.

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