Fragrant garden of continuous flowering

In the old days, in the gardens they grew only those flowers that gave wonderful smells. Try and you create a fragrant flower garden on your site, and then you can enjoy the fragrance of flowers from early May until autumn.

It is good to place fragrant plants next to recreation areas, under the windows of the house, along the paths, at the entrance to the garden, near the gazebo or pond. Try to take into account the timing of their flowering, then each plant will give you its own, incomparable aroma.

Open flowering

Full of aromas daffodils and hyacinths. These bulbous can be grown in containers. In August, plant in appropriate pots bulbs of daffodils, and in the first decade of October - hyacinths, dig pots in the ground. In the spring, when the soil thaws, they need to be removed, washed, put on the front seat.

Flowering shrubs

Most popular and loved lilac. Plant it in a sunny place, then it will be happy to grow on any soil, although it prefers, of course, alkaline. There are also low-growing varieties with a height of 1-1.5 m, which is especially valuable for creating a small fragrant garden.

Lilac bush will decorate any garden

Not every garden grows bird cherry but in vain. It is worth planting not a species plant, but, for example, a purple-leaved variety Coloratablooming in early May with pink, gently smelling small flowers.

Lilies of the valley in my garden bloom in the twenties of May, grow along the path in a penumbral place under shrubs and peonies.

June - it's time to bloom Chubushnik. All its species and varieties prefer a sunny place and moist fertile soil, but grow well in poor dry soils, and in partial shade, although, of course, they bloom in this case is not so abundant. To create a fragrant garden will not fit many terry varieties with large flowers, devoid of smell (terry aromatic varieties exist), as well as dwarf varieties that do not bloom at all.

Chubushnik we mistakenly called jasmine because of the similar charming aroma

Sucker silvera shrub spreading in all directions, during flowering produces a strong, specific aroma of toilet soap.

Creepers in a fragrant garden

Honeysuckle Capricole - a common Russian liana, and although it blooms only for three weeks, for the sake of a wonderful smell it is definitely worth growing it. But the honeysuckle curly variety Serotina blooms annually from late June to September with flowers, yellowish-white from the inside and purple from the outside.

Honeysuckle Capricole as beautiful as ever

Unlike other annual lianas, which, when planted in oily soil, produce abundant greens and do not bloom, sweet pea loves just such a land and it is in this case that it blooms well. From late June to September it smells like honey. clematis straight.

Garden in bloom

Smell nice daylilies, especially the first, specific, blooming in late May-June. Plant fragrant violetwhich blooms from the end of April during the month of small (up to 2.5 cm long) sweet-smelling flowers. The plant is unpretentious, it needs moisture-holding soil in partial shade or in the sun. Delicate smelling violet horned - a unique plant. To prolong flowering, do not be lazy to remove faded flowers, periodically (preferably once in two weeks) to feed, water in dry weather and divide overgrown shrubs every three to four years.

In early summer, bloom peoniesthey smell amazing.

Dark pink peonies and eye catch

Of the fragrant Letniki our grandmothers preferred mattiola. She loves to grow in sunny places, does not tolerate waterlogging and prolonged drought. The soil for its cultivation needs fertile, neutral (pH 6.5-7). Blossoms in 50-70 days after sowing, because it is better to grow through seedlings.

Good smell heliotrope. It is worth trying to grow it in a container or on the front edge of a mixborder in the fertile land in the sun.

Old fashioned fragrant rezeda by the evening enhances its sweet aroma. Any soil in a sunny place will do for her. Plant this seemingly inconspicuous annual in the garden, and you will not be able to do without its smell.

Most popular now fragrant tobacco. Unfortunately, most of its multicolored varieties are odorless, most odorous is ordinary white.

In June, the species hit me bathing glamor, perennial 70 cm tall with very large (6 cm in diameter) bright yellow non-double flowers. It turned out that the flowers of this plant have an amazing aroma. Found that flowers rogers publish a subtle sweet smell.

In the middle of summer beautiful and fragrant bloom phlox. Indisputable roses occupy the first place among fragrant flowers. And planted in the garden oriental lilies, you can long enjoy their charming aroma. Fortunately, they gave it to OT-hybrids, which are easier to grow in our climate.

Oriental lily is truly a garden star

Finishes garden scents performance purple japanese decorative thanks to the beautiful rounded leaves, changing color from pink-purple when blooming to bright crimson or golden-yellow in autumn. In the period of autumn coloring its leaves get a sweet smell. Unfortunately, the Japanese winter hardy and unpretentious purple cloth is an infrequent visitor to the garden plots. Enthusiasts propagate it with seeds that are sown before winter, getting a pretty bush about 30 cm tall by the end of next year.

When choosing plants for the site, consider their appearance and flavor. But most importantly: your flower garden should not cause either you or your loved ones any discomfort, whether it is allergic to pollen or a headache from too much fragrance.

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