We meet summer in a flower garden

Thin out crops of annuals

It is time to thin out the April and May crops of annuals in flower beds. Plant flowers in the garden more freely. After thinning the plants, water abundantly, and in a few days feed.

Drain the biennials

Sow on the flower bed the biennials - forget-me-not, daisies, night violet and Vittrok violet. If the weather is rainy and cool, then it’s worth waiting for the sowing. Before planting the seeds in the soil, sigh it well.

Reproduce hosts

Sow the seeds of the hosts on a shaded bed. To speed up germination, before sowing, treat them with growth stimulants (Energen, Immunocytophyte, Zircon, HB-101, etc.). Sprinkle the crops lightly with earth and maintain constant humidity. You can do cuttings. Take sockets with smaller and not particularly long-leaf leaves. At first they will fail, but after a couple of days they will come to a normal state. Shade them from the sun and spray them.

Collect hellebore seeds

In June, the hellebore ripen and begin to fall off the seeds. This plant reproduces perfectly by self-sowing, however, if you want to transplant it to another place, have time to collect the seeds. Keep in mind that sowing is carried out in a moist soil immediately after collecting the seeds. The shoots will appear in spring, and you will see the first flowers of hellebore no sooner than in 3-4 years.

Take care of the lawn

Lawn mowing (cutting height - not more than 1/3 of the grass length). You should not delay with this procedure, as an irregular haircut spoils the quality of grass. Do not forget to regularly "water" your lawn.

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