Rowan - the most popular species

There are many types of garden rowan. Find out which ones are suitable for growing in the garden.

Rowan berry is a berry that will not only feed the birds on the site in winter and add beauty to the landscape, but also a very tasty and healthy berry. And from it is not possible to make liqueurs, liqueurs, - very tasty drinks. The main thing - to choose the right grade.


This rowan is edible fresh. There are several varieties of this type of mountain ash: KSlaughter, Red, Yellow. Cube Rowan has orange-red fruits, sweet and sour, the mass of which is 0.5 g. Yellow rowan fruits are about the same size, orange-yellow. Have Red fruits are large, bright red, sweeter. Trees of all varieties are winter-hardy, but, unfortunately, tall. They can be grown in cluster form, so annual plants are cut above the third (counting from the root of the neck) a well-developed bud and then form as a triangular shrub.

The scarlet clusters of mountain ash are a real decoration of any garden.


This mountain ash has juicy, bright red fruits that are not only edible, but also have a sweet-sour, bitter taste. This type of mountain ash winter-hardy, drought-resistant, skoroploden. This is a small shrub, up to 1-2 m tall. Well tolerated transplant. Propagated by seeds.

Large fruit

This type of rowan has fruits the size of a plum, berries are more sugary. The berries contain tannin, so they become edible only after frost.

Rowan is beautiful both at the time of flowering and when berries ripen on it.


A winter-hardy tree, which in appearance resembles an ordinary mountain ash, but more powerful and quick-fruited. There is a kind of mountain ash with creamy-white berries. This is mountain ash Köne. The tree is low, up to 3 m, very beautiful. In the cold winters this mountain ash freezes, but hybrids with mountain ash are quite winter-hardy.


Rowan can interbreed and give berries not only with similar species, but even with representatives of other genera of plants. The following intergeneric hybrids are known: Sorbania (hybrid of mountain ash and chokeberry), Sorbapirus (hybrid of mountain ash and pear), Amelosorbus (hybrid of mountain ash and shadberry), Kragosorbuz (hybrid of hawthorn and mountain ash), Malosorbus (hybrid of mountain ash and apple).

The berry can be not only red, but also orange, cream and even purple.

A fruitful and winter-hardy grade with black fruits. However, he was lost.

Differs in short stature, precocity. Fruits appear on the second or third year, they are winter-hardy and have regular yields. The berries are not large, red-brown, tart. Used for recycling.

Fruits have a sweet taste, with a very slight bitterness of mountain ash. However, does not differ winter hardiness.

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