Plastic fences for summer cottage are inexpensive and effective fencing

The fence not only plays the role of a fence, but also gives a finished look to the suburban structure. You will not surprise anyone with widespread metal and wooden fences. But today plastic fences are becoming increasingly popular.

Let's find out what they attract summer residents.

The advantages of plastic fences

Now the production has mastered the production of fences for summer cottages from polyvinyl chloride. They can be found in any building hypermarket. Price quite accessible to the middle class as well simplicity and ease of assembly allow you to install such a fence yourself.

Polyvinyl chloride not rotting and under the influence of sunlight does not lose color. Such fences do not need painting. Manufacturers have provided frost resistance products - added to material fireproof additives.

Such fences do not spoil the pests, they eco-friendly (do not pollute the environment) and durable. Different manufacturers guarantee from 25 to 50 years of operation.

Polyvinyl chloride fences can be chosen in any color, size and design. The kit includes mounting posts and blocks of the fence itself, equipped with mounting locks.

The big advantage of the plastic fence is low weight. Thus, you can save on transportation and loaders.

Care behind the plastic fence minimum. It is enough to wipe the fence with a rag moistened with warm soapy water, and then wipe dry or roll it over from the watering hose with cold running water.

Types of plastic fences

Decide what kind of fence height and design is needed for your site. Solid solid sections close the area from prying eyes and perform security functions. If you don’t really like such a fence, you can assemble it from composing sections. For example, install the upper horizontal block from a sparse picket fence or imitation of an openwork lattice.

Beautiful, but not high fences in ethnic style imitate a wicker or a picket fence. Such fences rather visually divide the boundary boundaries and serve as an element of decor.

Classical deaf fences, are carried out with vertical or horizontal installation of a plastic board. They reliably cover the house from wind and dust.

Variants of plastic fencing

Installation and installation of plastic fence

Before starting work, make a plot of the site. Hammer in the pegs at the corner points of the fence to be mounted and stretch the string. Mark the places for the mounting racks. Dig in plastic support posts in the holes dug beforehand to the depth indicated in the instructions.

Adjust the distance between the bars with the width of the sections. The installed posts should be crushed with sand, tamped and poured with concrete. During operation, periodically check the verticality of the support column with a level and plumb line. Leave the exposed and poured concrete posts for 2-3 days until they are completely dry, and then assemble the sections.

Pay special attention to the installation of support posts in the area of ​​the gate or wicket. They are provided with posts of increased strength and during installation requires special care and reinforced.

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