Planting flowers in autumn: what flowers can and should be sown before winter

In the spring, work is in full swing, and every minute counts. Whether it is late autumn - time is enough and can be given to the design of the flower garden. Many annual flowers are well tolerated podzimny sowing, so choose plants and go to the country.

Planting flowers for the winter is convenient not only because you can do it slowly, having considered and marked out future flowerbeds, but also because the seedlings themselves are stronger than those sown in spring. Young plants, warmed by the spring sun, themselves choose the time for awakening, grow densely and are less sick.

Planting flowers in the winter

Autumn planting flowers is almost no different from the spring, although not so pleasant due to weather conditions. However, if everything is done on time, this process will not take you much time, and next season you will be able to admire a flower garden earlier than usual.

Where to plant flowers in the fall

Sowing flowers for the winter can be carried out immediately to the intended place of growth, and it is also possible in a special rassadny shkolka.

If you do not like to transplant annuals from place to place, prepare flower beds in the fall. To do this, weed, dig and burn the allotted area, then level it with a rake. On an even part of the edge of the chopper or flat cutter, mark the pattern of the future flower bed. Try to make it deep and clear, so as not to erode the autumn rains. When the pattern is ready, draw the holes for the seeds - they should be twice as deep as usual, since the earth will squeeze out and compacted over the winter.

Flowers can be sown immediately in their designated pots, but the pots themselves will have to be buried in the ground for the winter.

If you have not yet decided where your summer plantings will be located, sow flower seeds before winter on any selected ridge or in a greenhouse. In the open air, it is advisable to use high ridges, or at least fence them with the help of planks, so that the seeds do not wash away with autumn and spring precipitation, you can do without it in the greenhouse. Using polycarbonate, slate, plywood or curb tape, divide the beds into separate sections and stick them into each plastic plate with the name of the plant that you are sowing here. Leave the prepared ridges before stable frosts are established.

How to prepare the ground for flowers

Preparation of soil for autumn planting of annuals begins in late September - early October in the middle lane, and in early November - in the southern regions. If you have a warm, dry autumn, you can prepare the ridge at any convenient time. Of course, it is advisable to do this while the freezing temperature stays dry and stable on the street.

In addition to the beds, you will have to prepare a substrate for filling seeds. It is also worth doing in the middle of autumn, before frost. You can mix garden soil with peat and sand (1: 2: 1), or you can buy a ready-made substrate for seedlings - it will also work. Store the mixture preferably in the room so that it does not freeze and harden.

When the stable negative temperature comes, and there will be no thaws in the forecast for at least the next couple of weeks, start sowing. In autumn, seeds should be sown twice as thick as during spring planting. Scatter them in the frozen wells and cover them with the mixture prepared in advance.

Flowers planted in the fall always bloom a couple of weeks before the others, but if you want to bring even more riot of colors in your garden, in the spring, cover your crops with arcs and tighten with a film or dense spunbond - this will give you another 1-3 weeks odds.

What flowers are planted in the fall

For the autumn planting, not all flowers will be grateful, but only those whose sprouts are able to withstand light frosts and are resistant to soaking. Therefore, it will not be possible to sow all the pilots you like at once and it is worthwhile to choose the seed wisely.

Annual flowers under the winter

If you do not know which flowers are planted for the winter with seeds, select several annuals from this table. All of them tolerate autumn planting well, take root on different types of soil and delight with their decorative effect for many weeks.

PlantPopular varieties and varietiesWhere to plantWhat are suitable for


Milas, Milas Series, Ocean PearlOn dry areas, on neutral soilsFor high beds, mixborders, Moorish lawns


Twinkle, Scarlet, ChelseaOn lighted areas, on all types of soilFor stony hills, rockeries and mixborders, shoulders of garden paths

Astra one-year

Galaxy, Roseanna, Dragon, Rose Turm, SymphonyOn a dry site, where in the previous 3 years did not grow asters, gulfs, tomatoes, potatoesMixborders, rabatki, front gardens, container cultivation


Blue Boy, Blauer Jung, Polka Dot, Bullfinch, Frosty MixOn a sunny place, with any type of soilFor beds, rabatok, mixborders, ornamental gardens, Moorish lawns


Grace F1, Satin F1, Azalea Floverd Mixed, Lilac BlossomOn a sunny place, on fertile clay soilsFor beds, borders, rabatok, vases and containers


Rasa Kelsey, Koenigs-Rittersporn, hyacinthsort mix SummerOn illuminated windless areas, on loose, non-acidic, nutritious soilsFor high rabbits, mixborders, groups


Tetra Goliath, Sunshine Hybrids, Sommermod, Irish LineenOn lighted areas, on poor sandy soilsFor mixed flower beds, rock gardens, rabatok, containers


Pacific, Balls, Kabluna, Bon Bon, GitanaOn all types of soil, in places with medium illuminationFor front gardens, borders, mixed flower beds, balcony containers


Pikoti, Seashell, Sonata, SensationOn lit areas, on poor soilsFor hedges, front gardens, decorating buildings


Acapulco Silver, Sultan, Cypress, Shilzi, Green LeysOn lighted areas, on loose nutrient soilsFor beds, borders, as an accent plant


Silver Cap, Mont Blanc, Tanagra, Novella, Ruby RoyalOn lighted areas, on light soilsFor beds, rabatok, borders, mixborders, containers

Nigella Damask

Miss Jekyll, Persish Joover, Persish Rose, Cambridge Blue, Alsorts, Baby BlueOn lighted areas, on light soilsFor beds, borders, mixborders, hanging baskets

Phlox Drummond

Fireball, Tutti Frutti, Chanel, Spark, Joy, Blue FrostOn lit areas, on nutrient soilsFor rabatok, rock gardens, foreground mixborders, flowerpots


AbsentOn any sites and soils, near a supportFor decoration of technical buildings, fences, supports


Mandarin, Mikado, Toreador, Red Chief, Milkmade, Chiffon, Sparkling CarpetOn lit areas, on poor soilsFor beds, rabatok, borders, mixborders, containers, ornamental gardens, rockeries

Barley barley

AbsentOn lighted areas, on all types of soilFor mixborders, rockeries, separate group landing

Perennial flowers for the winter

Among the perennials, too, there are flowers that willingly germinate and bloom during autumn planting. If annuals are sown in the fall in order to speed up the process of their flowering, then perennials thus stratify. As a result of sowing seeds before winter, flowers grow resistant to diseases, lush and can often bloom in the first year, even if they have to do it only in the second.

PlantPopular varietiesWhere to plantWhat is suitable for


Alaska, Nora Barlow, Adonis Bleu, Winky, Florida, RobinIn partial shade, on all types of soilFor beds, rabatok, borders, mixborders


Schneehube, Rosabella, VariyegataOn lighted areas, on loose sandy soilsFor rabatok, rock gardens, foreground mixborders, flowerpots


Zone, Kobold, Arizona San, Primavera, Burgunder, Mandarin, LorenzOn lit areas, on well-drained soilsFor beds, rabatok, alpine slides, borders, mixborders


Hohenstein, Rannoch, JP Dark Blue, FreiOn shady areas, on rich soilsFor rock gardens, stony hills, rockeries


Spring Beauty, Gold Dwarf, Little Leo, Miss Mason, Gold StrausOn lighted areas, on loose soilsFor mixborders and rockeries

Bell Carpathian

Blue Clips, Deep Blue Clips, White Clips, Pearl White, Karl Forster, BlaumeiseOn lit areas, on well-drained soilsFor rock gardens, stone gardens, flowerbeds, foreground mixborders


Munstead, Hidcote Blue, Ellagance Ice, Lavance Purple, Sineva, IsisOn lighted areas, on loose neutral soilsFor curbs, alpine slides, rockeries


Potter's Wheel, Rgaesoh, Montsegur, Red HybridsIn partial shade, on loose moist soilFor decoration of trunk circles, for group plantings


Charming Morocco, Cote d'Azur, Giant Waterfall, Carnival, Dr. Mules, Don, Gloriosa, Wanda, Blue KingOn lit areas, on poor soilsFor rock gardens, flower beds


Fanal, Pearl, Coronation Gold, Gold PlateIn open areas, on all types of soilFor mixborders, group landings

Sowing seeds of annual and perennial flowers in the fall will relieve you of some of the spring worries and allow you to structure the space in the flower garden. However, if you did not have time to prepare the beds for seeds this year, and the frosts have already struck, you can always plan and lay out flowerbeds on paper, and you can meet the next fall fully armed.

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