Forget-me-nots in the flower garden - rules of planting and growing

Forget-me-not can decorate the flower garden of any infield. To do this, you just need to properly put her and know how to take care of her.

Forget-me-nots are one-, two-, and perennial herbaceous plants of small size. Most of their varieties are based on Alpine Forget-me-not. In the culture most often there are flowers with blue petals and yellow eyes. Recently, however, varieties are bred with white, purple and pink flowers.

These beautiful tender plants are perfectly combined with daffodils, tulips, pansies, ferns and daisies. Also, forget-me-nots look great on a background of green lawn.

Ways of breeding forget-me-nots

Forget-me-not garden breeds well seeds. In May they are sown on special ridges or in a cold greenhouse. Seedlings are planted in beds in late summer or spring. These flowers are characterized by abundant self-sowing, so in one place they can grow for several years without additional efforts from the grower. In this case, the seeds can be scattered throughout the site.

The most valuable varieties preferable to propagate grafting. To this end, in May, one should take the apical shoots, about 5 cm long, and plant them on fertile soil in a shady place. Rooted cuttings can be planted on flowerbeds. Forget-me-not the superficial, fibrous root system; therefore, it easily tolerates transplantation throughout the entire vegetative period.

This beauty is easy to get from the seeds

Sometimes sowing seeds carried out in October-November. This allows you to get abundant flowering plants next spring. For this, seeds are sown in seedling boxes or pots with a light substrate of turf soil and coarse sand (2: 1). Before sowing, they are dipped in lightly salted water to reject the "dummies" that float to the surface. Healthy seeds are washed with clean water, dried and sown. Substrate before sowing should be spilled with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Seeding material is not recommended to be dug; it is enough just to sprinkle it with light soil.

Seedlings dive into pots with well-moistened peat soil as they form 1-2 true leaves. After that, it is advisable to take out the seedlings to a cool greenhouse for the hardening period (until March). Seedlings are planted in beds in late April, where they bloom in May.

Forget-me-not care

Alpine Forget-Me-Not - It is a perennial herbaceous plant, cultivated as a biennial and distinguished by its unpretentiousness. In the spring the plant perfectly tolerates the lack of moisture and even small frosts (up to -5 ° C). Forget-me-not grows well in sunny areasbut prefers penumbra. This flower can live in full shade, but then its bloom will not be too abundant.

For forgettable blooms you need a well-lit place.

Forget-me-not prefers areas with wet fertile soil. This plant blooms in May-June, at the end of June seeds appear on it, which, when released into the soil, produce seedlings as early as July. By the end of the summer full-fledged bushes grow from them. After ottsvetaniya forget-me-not loses its decorative, so the old stems and leaves should be carefully removed.

Forget-me-nots need regular and abundant watering, because when the soil dries out, they quickly fade. But it is impossible to prevent soil locking, otherwise the stalks will begin to stretch, or the root system may rot.

To feed plants should be fertilized in May. For the preparation of a nutrient solution in a bucket of water is dissolved in 1 tsp. nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium fertilizer (nitrophos), potassium sulfate, urea (urea). On 1 square. m. requires 2 liters of feeding.

When planting varieties of different colors on one bed, forget-me-nots can pereopilyatsya, sometimes resulting in instances with petals of different color.


Forget-me-nots are incredibly beautiful and very cute flowers. Be sure to find a place for them in your flower garden.

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