28 ways to accelerate the ripening of tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and other vegetables

In the climate of the middle band, the summer is short and cool, so some vegetables do not have time to ripen by the end of the season. In order not to be left without a crop, the ripening process needs to be stimulated.

Here are some simple techniques by which tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, eggplants, potatoes, pumpkins, melons, carrots, cabbage and onions will develop faster.

How to accelerate the ripening of tomatoes

1. Within 2-3 days, water the bushes with a pink solution of potassium permanganate.

2. Spray the plants on the leaves with a solution of iodine (30-35 drops per 10 liters of warm water). Once a week, water the tomatoes under the root with iodine (20 drops per 10 liters of water) mixed with 1 liter of fermented milk. The consumption per bush is about 2 liters.

3. Using a sharp wooden stick, make 2-3 punctures (to a depth of 2-3 mm) near the stem. Fruits ripen faster, but will not be stored for a long time.

4. Place the banana peel in a plastic bag and tie it directly onto brushes with green tomatoes. After 2-3 days, remove the package.

5. Reduce watering and fertilizing with mineral fertilizers.

6. To quickly ripen tomatoes in the greenhouse, close it for a day. And after this time, air out in the evening to get rid of condensate.

7. Pull a tomato bush to itself, so that the roots of the bush slightly burst. Then the plant will send all the nutrients to the fruit.

8. Remove freshly tied buds from fruit brushes. They still do not have time to form the fruits.

9. Pinch the tops of the tomatoes over the fifth brush.

10. Spray the brushes with freshly laid fruit with superphosphate extract. For this 2.5 tbsp. Superphosphate Pour 1 liter of hot water, insist for a day, then strain.

11. Cover the tomatoes with a film in case of cool weather.

12. In order for the fruits not to touch the ground, place props under the lower brushes and turn them so that the tomatoes are illuminated by the sun.

13. If the temperature at night drops below 10 ° C, remove the immature fruits with the stem and place them on the ripening.

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14. If there are signs of late blight on the leaves, tear out the bushes with the roots and hang them in a warm room with the top down. Fruits quickly turn red due to the influx of nutrients from the leaves and stem.

15. Stalk at a height of 3 cm from the ground wrap a thin copper wire. At the same time try not to cut it completely. Thanks to this technique, fewer nutrients will be supplied to the roots, and more will be supplied to the fruits.

16. Put green plastic bags on the green tomato brushes with a slit at the bottom. Inside such a cap, the air temperature will be higher, and the fruits will ripen faster.

How to accelerate the ripening of peppers and eggplants

17. To root "breathe", regularly loosen the soil to a depth of 5-7 cm.

18. Remove all the fruits that have reached the desired size, and put on the ripening in a warm place.

19. On a high stem, use a sharp knife or blade to make a through longitudinal incision, 7-10 cm long, 15 cm above the soil surface. Insert into it a wooden chip 4-5 mm thick. Then the plant will send the nutrients not to the leaves, but to the fruits.

20. Treat the plants on the leaves with infusion of ash (2 cups per 10 liters of water).

How to accelerate the ripening of potatoes

21. 15 days before harvesting, spray the bushes with a 2% solution of copper sulphate or a strong extract of superphosphate: thoroughly stir 2 kg of fertilizer in 10 liters of water, leave for 2 days, then separate from the sediment.

How to accelerate the ripening of pumpkins and melons

22. Pinch the tops of all the young shoots and remove the flowers. When the fruit reaches the desired size, break off the leaves so that for each fruit there are only 5-7 pieces left. This amount is enough to help ripen pumpkins and melons. At the same time try to remove those leaves that obscure the sun.

How to accelerate the ripening of cucumbers

23. Remove a few lashes from the supports, put them on the ground, remove the lower leaves, and cover the bare stem with soil. Soon new young roots will form on the plant, which will additionally nourish the fruits.

How to accelerate the ripening of carrots

24. If there are long rains in the summer, cut the tops so that the “tails” 5-6 cm long without leaves are left on the plants. Then the roots do not crack as they mature.

How to accelerate the ripening of white cabbage

25. Process the plant growth regulator (for example, Novosil or Gibbersib).

26. In the cabbage of early honeycombs, lift up horizontally arranged leaves and tie into a loose bundle or put a ring of chopped milk bags on them. This technique will accelerate the flow of nutrients from the leaves to the fruit.

How to accelerate the ripening of onions

27. The dried onion ripens faster and does not rot, so stop watering it for about 10-14 days. And in rainy weather cover the bed with a transparent plastic wrap.

28. Rake the ground from the bulbs so that they are about half exposed. So they ripen faster, because they will be warmer in the air than in the soil.

Garlic after breaking out the arrows must be tied in a knot. This will give him a signal to send food not to the tops, but to the bulb. You also need to rake the ground from the bush, so that the bulb is slightly exposed. So did my grandmother. (Alevtina Zamaraeva)

And what effective ways to accelerate the ripening of vegetables do you use?

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