40 ideas how to make beautiful street pots with your own hands

Plants in pots look beautiful and unusual. They are more convenient to care for and create a variety of compositions. It is not necessary to buy such a vessel in the store, because many ideas can be implemented independently.

Original pots decorate the site and attract the attention of neighbors. Now you can create your own beautiful products for the new season and plan the future planting of plants. Making pots is a pleasant process that allows you to realize your creative potential. In the course you can start a variety of items: from old buckets and cups to faded T-shirts and unnecessary building materials. Our collection contains the most relevant ideas that will transform your site and allow you to realize any fantasy!

But first, let us see what a cache-pot is, what are its features and what types of products can be made for different purposes.

A pot-pot is a decorative container without a drainage hole. It serves as a shell for an ordinary pot. In a broader sense, pots can be understood as any product in which or on which you can put a plant in a pot. At the same time flowerpots can be changed without replanting the flower. It is enough to move the plant pot to the new pots. This is very convenient if you like to update the design of your site, or in the case when the old pot has lost its decorative appearance.

Sometimes such a vessel is also used as a stand for draining water, although there are also pots with a tray in which there is an opening. But such products, in principle, have more in common with ordinary pots. You can also plant plants completely in pots, but in this case it is important to take care of good drainage in order to avoid moisture stagnation.

You can manufacture the following types of flowerpots:

  • floor pots - to be placed near a country house, in the center of a flower bed, along paths or a fence, etc .;
  • ampeltic pots (suspended) - for gazebos, balconies, porch, outer and inner parts of windows.

To destination allocate pots for the street (garden) and premises (room). The latter are more compact. The shape and volume of the pots are very diverse, and they must be chosen according to the size of the plants that will be placed in them, as well as the future location. Large pots are best placed in a recreation area or at the entrance to the house. The middle ones are along the tracks, and small pots are on the fence or in the gazebo.

Plants in pots can be an alternative to a flower bed, if you do not have time to create it.

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Among the ready-made models that can be found on the dacha plots are pots on the leg and luminous pots. The first look very elegant, and the second provide additional lighting in the dark. Also popular is a three-dimensional pots-ball, in which you can grow both flowers and ornamental shrubs.

But if you are not attracted to designer pots or don’t want to spend money on them, you can easily make beautiful and practical products yourself.

Street pots made from scrap and construction materials

Unusual vessels for plants can be made from almost everything that is on hand. If you have crushed stone, use it to create large size pots. As a form for pots fit any capacious container. You can connect several such containers to create, for example, an elegant vase. Attach the crushed stone to the cement mixture: dilute 1 part of the cement and 3 parts of sand with water to the consistency of sour cream, coat the pots with the mixture and put stones tightly.


If you want something more unusual, try to make pots of cement and cloth (burlap, etc.). Wrap the bucket or basin with a dry cloth and dip into the cement mortar. Then cover with a wet cloth and leave for at least 12 hours, and preferably for a day. When the cement hardens, remove the base - the pots are ready! It remains only to paint it and put it inside the plant.


A similar principle can be used to create pots of concrete. For the base, you can take an old pot or a bucket, but the easiest way is to remove the finished products from plastic containers. Bring one of your favorite ideas to life!


By analogy, you can make a beautiful clay pots or pots of plaster.

At the cottage will look attractive pots made of wood. This eco-friendly and easy-to-use material allows you to create durable and no less refined products than from concrete or clay. Wooden planters from the remains of boards will look better in the form of a composition. If desired, they can be painted in any color. And in order to withstand the weather, cover them with a protective varnish. The easiest way to make a rectangular or square flowerpots, but you can experiment with the form.


It is easy to make metal pots from cans. It is enough to cover them with paint or decorate them in technique. decoupage, sticking to the surface a beautiful napkin or a picture.


And you can make a large pots of ordinary branches!


Unusual street pots of unnecessary things

Stylish pots that amaze with their appearance can be made from old or out of fashion things. Return to subjects a second life is now fashionable. Here are a few garden pots that definitely deserve your attention.

Caps for giving of an old chandelier are easier to make, it is enough to place flower pots on it. But it is important to consider their size so that the composition does not lose balance.


The original will look at the site cache-bike. Coloring in monophonic color will give it decorative effect. And you can place pots with plants not only on the trunk or frame, but also near the wheels.


Suspended pots from the old T-shirt is very practical and elegant. It is unlikely that anyone will guess what it is made of. Just do not take too shabby clothes so that the fabric does not tear. Cut the T-shirt into ribbons in different ways. Some can be found on the Internet, but something you probably will tell fantasy!


It is a pity to throw out the old leaky bucket? Turn it into pots in the style of Provence! To do this, you can put a thematic pattern on the bucket, tie it with ribbons, sackcloth, or place a lavender inside.


Do not throw away mugs with chipped handles or chinks. It is better to make a pot-cup, decorating it with any available materials.

It will look spectacular pots woven from newspaper tubes. Just do not put it under the open sky, otherwise the design will quickly lose an attractive look.


Decorative flowerpots for the balcony

Cachpo for a balcony can be of different sizes, depending on the type of plants that you grow. Small pots attached to the railing or hanging pots with ampel flowers will look nice. But from the bulky flowerpot is better to give up, they "eat" most of the space.

A great option is neat concrete pots, in which succulents are planted. It is quite simple to make such a product; choose a plastic container as a base to make it easier to remove later. If desired, you can make simple curly pots of clay or plaster.


If you already have pots, you can give it a new look. A regular rope or cord that can be wrapped around a container or used as a suspension is suitable. Look at the flowerpots in the slideshow.


Rope pots are often made using macrame technique - knotting.

A more exotic option is coconut pots. To create it, you first need to make the frame of the desired shape from metal rods, and then lay it out with coconut fiber. If you want to make such a cache - read our master class!

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Caring for plants in street pots

Plants in garden pots need special care. The fact is that the water in the tanks evaporates faster than in the open field, so the irrigation should be regular and sufficiently abundant for the whole clod of soil to be soaked with water. If you wish, you can buy pots with automatic watering, and if this is not possible, mulch the soil and do not place the plants in the sun.

Feed will also have to increase, because in a limited amount of soil, plants quickly absorb the nutrients they need. If indoor plants are placed in pots, it is important to regularly inspect them for the presence of pests and spray them with Appin, Zircon or other drugs that enhance immunity.

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How to keep plants in pots in the winter

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In winter, heat-loving plants that do not have a rest period (rubber plants, ivy, dracaena, palm trees) should be transferred to a warm room with a pot, and the pots left outside. If the plant is planted in pots and there is no way to move it, it is important to provide protection to the roots from freezing. To do this, you can transplant the plant into the open ground, but only under the condition that it is frost-resistant. If this is difficult to do, then after the first frost, cover the perennial with a spunbond or spruce fir branches, put the pots in a large container and fill the gaps with soil. High flower pots better wrap foil insulation.

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Now you know how to make and decorate pots to give the dacha individuality. If you do not want to buy a standard store product, make it yourself - and you not only get a unique thing, but also lift your spirits!