How to choose tomato seeds and do not miscalculate

The yield of tomatoes and the result obtained depends in many respects on the correctly selected variety or hybrid. But among the hundreds of bags it is difficult to choose even an experienced vegetable grower. What seeds will not let you down in summer?

Of course, there is no universal variety of tomatoes, which would give an equally good harvest in all regions of our country, and grew in the greenhouse, and on the street, and even on the window. Select the seed need, focusing on the characteristics of its climatic zone, the soil, growing conditions and much more.

How are tomatoes useful?

Tomato is one of the most popular vegetable crops in the world. In Russia, it began to be cultivated as an ornamental plant at the beginning of the XVIII century. It took a hundred years to turn a tomato from a “stranger” into a highly demanded vegetable crop. Thanks to the well-known writer and scientist Andrei Timofeevich Bolotov, the tomato was found fit for human consumption. At the beginning of the 20th century, scientist agronomist A.S. Kravtsov said: "Tomato, by the profitability of breeding, has no equal in Russian truck farming." This idea is relevant to the present day.

Tomatoes are rich in lycopene - a red pigment that breaks down fats. It is a natural antioxidant that is needed by the human body. Antioxidants ensure the health of the cardiovascular system by strengthening the walls of capillaries and blood vessels. Many nutritionists recommend eating a diet rich in lycopene to prevent the onset of coronary heart disease. Lycopene suppresses the pathogenic microflora in the intestines, normalizes appetite, promotes weight loss, regulates the exchange of cholesterol in the body.

Due to the content of phytoncids in fruits, tomatoes have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is worth noting that the fruits of tomatoes perfectly regulate the work of the nervous system, being an excellent antidepressant. Due to their high serotonin content, they also improve mood.

How to derive new varieties and hybrids of tomatoes

Tomato selection is a very complicated, but at the same time very interesting process, due to which new varieties and hybrids are created. In the twentieth century, foreign varieties and hybrids began to arrive on the store shelves. They attracted buyers impeccable appearance and a variety of colors. But, unfortunately, they were deprived of a rich taste, and their use for the body was minimal. Foreign breeders did an excellent job with the task of creating a flawless appearance, high transportability and keeping quality of fruits, but they still did not solve a very important problem associated with the accumulation of useful substances and vitamins in the fruits of a tomato.

But the desire of each of us to eat tasty and healthy is quite understandable. That is why the breeders of the agricultural holding "POISK" in the development of new varieties and hybrids of tomato especially focus on the content of lycopene, vitamins and other beneficial substances that enrich the body and benefit health. Breeding also takes into account such important factors as the ability of a variety / hybrid to adapt to different climatic conditions, as well as resistance to diseases and pests. We offer a closer look at the best series of varieties and hybrids that have enjoyed the same popularity with customers for many years.

Popular varieties and hybrids of tomatoes

For example, the “Four Summers” series was created for those who do not have a vegetable garden, but there is a great desire to grow tasty tomatoes on their own at home. Tomato varieties and hybrids collected in the series "Four summers" (Little Red Riding Hood, Yellow Riding Hood, Orange Riding Hood, Red Scattering, Amber Placer, Rowan Beads, Gold Cluster), ideal for year-round cultivation on loggias, balconies and on home window sills. Dwarf and ampelous cherry tomatoes will please amateur vegetable growers with their incomparable decorative appearance and excellent fruit taste.

The Oriental Delicacy series includes tomato varieties and hybrids with the most exquisite and savory flavors. Among the tomatoes in this series should be highlighted Coral reef F1, Magic F1 harp, Golden flow F1, Chinese souvenir F1, Lemon sparkle, Gold of the East, Golden spark.

For gardeners who like varieties like Bullish heart, created "Siberian series". This series includes a group of early unpretentious fruitful varieties of tomatoes, perfectly suitable for growing not only in central Russia, but also in more severe climatic conditions of the Urals, Siberia and the Far East: Beauty of Siberia, Giant's Dream, Heart of Siberia, Altai Dawn, Altai Honey, Altai Bogatyr. The fruits of each of these varieties weigh 300-400 g or more.

The main highlight of the collection of tomatoes from the agricultural holding "SEARCH" is the series "Vkusnoteka". The main task of its creation is to return delicious and fragrant tomatoes to the domestic market. Each variety from the Vkusnoteka series passed a multistage qualifying tasting. Only true masterpieces of taste are honored to be presented in this unique series where you can find any variations of taste: from rich tomato with sourness to juicy-sweet and even dessert fruit.

Using varieties and hybrids of domestic breeding from the agricultural holding "SEARCH", you ensure a healthy future for yourself and your family!

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