How to buy a turf and how to lay it with your own hands

Rolled lawn is a real salvation for those who want to quickly and without unnecessary trouble cover the site with a beautiful grass carpet. We will understand its device and installation features together.

The main decorative part of the garden is undoubtedly the lawn. Of course, to create a thick dense green carpet in his area, it will require an unusually large amount of strength and patience. Even experienced gardeners sometimes can not cope with this task. Fortunately, there are specialists who are engaged in growing lawn grass on specially equipped fields and supply the market with ready-made “rugs” in rolls.

What are the secrets of the roll turf device? Let's break down the points of its advantages and disadvantages.

Types of turf

So, it is known that the turf is grown on specialized fields. In order to achieve high quality, they provide him with proper care and strictly follow the agrotechnics. Depending on the technology of growing lawn is divided into the following types.

Elite, or premium lawn, grown with special care and care, there is no weed vegetation on it. It consists mainly of soft, juicy grass - bluegrass. This lawn has the best decorative qualities and, of course, is sold at the highest price. It should be remembered that bluegrass is a very whimsical grass that quickly reacts to adverse conditions, it does not tolerate drought and instantly turns yellow due to the lack of watering. Therefore, before choosing this type of lawn, consider whether you can provide proper care for it.

Standard, or lawn economy class, consists of grass mixture, which includes various types of bluegrass and fescue. It is considered more resistant to weather conditions and is widely used in the improvement of suburban areas.

City, or technical, lawn intended for landscaping public areas. In its composition there are species of bluegrass, fescue, timothy and other cereal grasses. It is the cheapest, since in its production the frequency of treatments for the removal of weeds is reduced.

Sports lawn it is intended for platforms with special loading. Grasses rye grass, which is part of the mixture, tolerates trampling, and the plot does not lose its decorative properties.

What you need for laying roll lawn:

  • black earth
  • sand,
  • rake,
  • truck,
  • shovel,
  • spade,
  • garden roller,
  • construction knife
  • hoses for watering.

Instructions for laying rolled lawn

1. Prepare the site. We remove construction debris and weeds. If the soil is clayey, drainage must be done. We level the existing soil, we lay a small layer of sand - 3-5 cm.

2. Next, pour a layer of fertile land with a thickness of 5-10 cm. Black soil will be suitable as soil. If the soil is heavy and with a large amount of lumps, then a small amount of sand should be added, since the ground should be loose and crumbly.

3. We tamp the soil with a garden roller. This is a very crucial moment in the process of rolling lawn. If the roller is not at hand, you can use auxiliary materials: a barrel, a pipe, a heavy board.

Roll the soil should be so that it could walk on, as on asphalt: the ground should not fall, and it should not be dents from the feet.

4. We put rolled turf on the tamped surface. We start laying from the edge of a flat surface: curb, fence, paving. Roll out the first row of rolls one by one along the flat surface of the curb.

Starting to lay the second row, do not forget to shorten the first roll by half (the most convenient way to do this is with a construction knife). It is necessary to do so that the rows of the turf are staggered with respect to each other.

5. The laid lawn is rolled up with a garden roller. This will get rid of air bubbles formed between the soil and the rolls.

6. Carefully water the lawn for two weeks. At this stage, it is necessary to saturate the surface with moisture so that the ground looks like a swamp.

The first two weeks to walk on the laid lawn can not. After 14 days, when the grass gives a significant increase, it must be mowed.

Turf Care

Lay the lawn should be in the spring or early summer, so that before the onset of winter, he managed to adapt to a new place. In order for the green carpet to delight you over the years with its decoration, you must follow the simple rules of care.

From late April to June, feed your lawn with nitrogen fertilizer about once a month. You can use ammonium nitrate or urea (at the rate of 10-20 g per 1 sq. M) or special complex mineral fertilizer for the lawn (according to the instructions).

In the summer, at least 2 times a month, mow the lawn to a height of 4-6 cm, apply universal fertilizers with nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium in equal proportions (according to the instructions).

In mid-August, apply phosphorus-potassium fertilizers at the rate of 10 g per 1 sq. M. As weeds grow, treat your lawn with herbicides. In the fight against weeds on the lawn, Lontrel-300 and Propolol remedies have proven themselves well.

Last mow the lawn in October. This should be done in dry weather, leaving grass 4-5 cm high. When winter comes, be sure to remove fallen leaves and debris from the lawn.

The next spring, after the snow melts, when the soil dries out, remove the dry yellowed grass felt using a fan rake or a special scarifier.

If necessary, sow lawn grass seeds in the bald spots and mulch the sowing areas with black soil or sand. Provide a lawn with daily watering.

If the lawn has become very dense, then it must be aerated - make punctures with forks or specialized equipment (aerator, shoes for aeration) to saturate the grass roots with air.

Advantages of a rolled lawn:

  • it is easy to lay on the prepared soil;
  • instant result (even green carpet is obtained immediately after installation);
  • such a lawn tolerates adverse conditions, resistant to frost;
  • it produces much less weed vegetation than on a planting lawn.

The only drawback of the turf is, perhaps, only the financial side of things. His device and styling require 2 times more money than sowing lawn grass. But it's worth it, because with a lawn sowing you can lose a lot of time, but not achieve a good result. No wonder rolled lawns are in great demand among gardeners, despite their high cost.

The main secret of a good lawn on the site is its regular watering and frequent cutting. Watering saturates the grass with moisture and gives it the opportunity to develop and absorb nutrients from the soil. And frequent mowing contributes to the development of a powerful root system in cereals, which ensures their resistance to adverse conditions.

Fulfilling only two of these rules, you will achieve excellent results, and the green carpet on the site will delight you with its freshness and beauty.

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