Black raspberry - features of growing and care

The hybrid of raspberry and blackberry, which is characterized by brilliant black-purple berries with a whitish bloom, is called Cumberland.

Raspberries Cumberland - winter-hardy plant, which with proper care necessarily gives a high yield. This perennial shrub can grow in one place for up to 20 years. Black raspberry berries are very fragrant, tasty (a bit like blackberries) and very healthy. They can be eaten fresh or processed: get juice, jam, compote or freeze.

How to plant black raspberries?

The best time to plant a raspberry variety Cumberland - the beginning of spring. But if a fresh seedling came to you in the summer or fall - it is worth planting it right away, not waiting for spring.

It is recommended to plant black raspberries in a sunny and well-protected area. Best of all, the plant survives and grows on light loamy chernozem. Gray forest soils are also suitable.

To plant raspberries Cumberland, you need to prepare the wells with a depth of about 50 cm and fill them with a mixture of humus and wood ash. Further in the pits should be poured a little earth, put the seedlings in them and cover with soil. After planting, raspberries should be poured abundantly, and the soil around it should be thrashed with straw, compost or peat a layer of about 7 cm.

Please note that when planting a large number of raspberry seedlings Cumberland It is most logical to plant in 2 rows, leaving a distance of 0.5 m between the plants, and 2 meters between the rows. The fact is that the black raspberry grows very well: its shoots can reach 3 m in length.

Do not plant black raspberries in the garden where tomatoes, potatoes or red raspberries have previously grown. Also, do not break raspberry not far from blackberry plantings.

The next year after landing near raspberry bushes Cumberland A tapestry should be installed and the plants should be tied to them. In order to facilitate the gathering of berries, the garter should be done in a fan way.

Cumberland Raspberry Trimming Principle

As the black raspberry grows very quickly, the bush sometimes needs to be properly formed. Annual shoots are pruned when they reach a length of more than 2 m. Usually this is done at the end of June - beginning of July. Pruned branches to 1.8 m. This pruning contributes to the massive growth of lateral shoots.

The next pruning is carried out in early November. Now you need to shorten the side shoots (up to 20-35 cm in length). It is these branches that will bear fruit next year. Also, during the second pruning, the old shoots should be removed from the bush. After pruning on raspberry bush Cumberland there should be 8-10 thick and healthy branches.

To help the black raspberry in growing lateral shoots, you can trim the top of the bush. The sooner this is done, the faster the lateral branches will grow. In the northern regions, the Cumberland raspberries are shortened to a height of 1.5 m, in a warmer climate, it is possible to cut off and not so much.

How to feed black raspberries?

Raspberry varieties Cumberland begins to bloom almost immediately after the retreat of spring frosts. Buton bloom on the bush blooms very much, so you need to feed the plant well, so that all the ovaries later turned into berries.

The first feeding should be carried out immediately after the flowers fall off. Perfect for this infusion of mullein. It should be diluted in the following proportions: mullein (1 part), water (7 parts), superphosphate (50 g per 10 l of infusion) and wood ash (1 l per 10 l of infusion).

The second feeding should be carried out during the growth of berries. The third - after the harvest. Immediately after dressing raspberries Cumberland need to water abundantly.

Cumberland Raspberry Care Rules

The great advantage of black raspberry is that it alone does not produce side shoots, as the red raspberry does. And, therefore, it is easier to care for her. And yet in the care of raspberries Cumberland There are also features.

1. Black raspberries need to be watered well (especially during fruit set), while avoiding stagnant water in the ground.

2. Before the onset of sustained frost raspberry shoots need to be removed from the trellis and bend down to the ground. Special shackles that will keep the stalks on the weight will help to avoid spreading the shoots on the ground. In order not to freeze shoots, watch the snow cover on them.

3. In spring shoots should be returned back to the trellis. At the same time, it is possible to remove the branches broken or damaged by rodents.

As you can see, care for raspberry varieties Cumberland completely uncomplicated. Meanwhile, such simple actions will contribute to abundant fruiting shrubs. And to collect delicious berries with black raspberries can be for a whole month.

Having planted this unusual plant in your garden, you get the opportunity to collect 7 kg of large and juicy berries from each bush every year. And from the long shoots of black raspberry you can easily form decorative arches.

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