Epin Extra, P


Epin Extra, ла - regulator and adaptogen of a wide spectrum of action, has a strong anti-stress effect, reproduced analogue of a natural substance.

Preparative form - solution.

Packaging - 1 ml ampoule.

Drug benefits:

  • accelerates seed germination;
  • improves seedling rooting, mitigates stress when picking and transplanting;
  • accelerates the ripening of fruits and increases yield;
  • protects plants from frost, excessive moisture and other adverse conditions;
  • increases resistance to late blight, perinospora, scab, bacteriosis and fusarium, etc .;
  • reduces the content of plant residues of pesticides, heavy metals, radionuclides, excess nitrates.


Epin ExtraP is used to enhance the growth, development of plants, increase yield and quality, resistance to adverse environmental factors. Especially recommended for frosts (cold stress), excessive moisture, the presence of pests and pathogens.

The drug is not dangerous to humans, warm-blooded animals, fish, bees and other beneficial insects. Does not pollute the environment. Not phytotoxic.

Active substance

24-epibrassinolide - 0.025 g / l.

1 ml (1 graduated ampoule of polypropylene with the possibility for reusable use) Epin Extra for 5 liters of water.
One ampoule contains 40 drops of the drug. 0.025 ml = 1 cap.


  • Faster seed germination;
  • the seedlings are not stretched out, their resistance to frost, drought and diseases increases, it survives well when transplanted into open ground;
  • frozen and dead plants are restored, rejuvenated and old shrubs begin to bear fruit well;
  • treated plants do not shed the ovary;
  • the plants under the film are protected from burns and late blight infection;
  • yields increase 1.5 times, fruits ripen 2 weeks earlier, they are stored longer;
  • promotes the removal from plants and their fruits of heavy metal salts, radionuclides, herbicides, nitrates.

Instructions for use

Preparation of working solution: 1 ml of Appin Extra is dissolved in 5 l of water and mixed thoroughly. Spraying is carried out evenly wetting the leaves. The working solution is used on the day of preparation. Spraying produced in the morning or evening in dry, windless weather without rain.

The active ingredient of the drug is absorbed by the plant within 2-4 days. Therefore, re-treatment should be carried out no earlier than a week.

Processed culturePurposeMethod, processing time,
application features
The consumption rate of the drug
Seed and planting material
(tubers, bulbs,
rhizomes, seedlings, etc.)
Increase in germination, survival rateSeed soaking before
sowing for 2-4 hours
0.05 ml / 100 ml of water
(per 10 g of seeds)
Spraying or soaking
(2-4 hours) before disembarking
0.5 ml / 1 l water
CuttingsAcceleration of rooting,
rooting cuttings
Soaking cuttings for 12-24 hours 1 ml / 1 l water
SeedlingRelieving stress when landing,
transplant or temperature stress
Spraying 1 day before
landing in the ground or after landing
0.2 ml / 1 l water
PotatoesStrengthening growth processes Spraying tubers before planting 1 ml / 250 ml of water
Increase yields
increasing disease resistance
Spraying in the phase of budding -
start flowering
1 ml / 5 l of water
Vegetable cropsIncrease early and overall yields.
Disease resistance increase
and cold shock.
Spraying in a phase of 2-3 true leaves.
Period of budding - flowering
Relief of stress in return frostsSpraying the day before
frosts or after them
0.5 ml / l of water
Fruit and berry cultures
Strengthening growth processes
stimulation of flowering and fruit formation,
decrease in ovary fall
Spraying in the budding phase
and 15-20 days after flowering
1 ml / 5 l of water
Plant recovery after harvestSpraying before falling leaves1 ml / 10 l of water
Flower decorative
and coniferous crops
Strengthening the growth and development of plants.
Protection against climatic stress
disease prevention.
Spraying in the vegetation phase,
budding - flowering
1 ml / 5 l of water


Epin's combination with such drugs as Vitalizer NV-101, Zircon, Tsitovit do not inhibit their mutual action.

Security measures

Follow the general safety requirements and personal hygiene rules, use gloves, goggles and a respirator. During work, you can not smoke, drink, eat. Wash hands with soap and water after use.

First aid

  • With skin contact - wash with soap and water.
  • With eye contact - rinse with plenty of water.
  • With accidental swallowing - rinse your mouth, drink a few glasses of water, induce vomiting, drink water with a suspension of activated carbon (4-6 tablets per glass of water), consult a doctor.


Store in a dark, dry indoor area separately from food, medicine and feed, in places inaccessible to children and animals. Storage temperature - from 5 to 25 ° C.

This article was created based on the manufacturer's instructions; it is for informational purposes only and is not an advertisement.

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