Protecting trees and shrubs from diseases and pests

Hang trap belts

On the trunks of fruit trees, fasten trap belts. These eco-friendly traps will protect the plants from whitefly, weevil, caterpillars, ticks, aphids, buckworms, geese, apple tree beetle.

Spray trees and shrubs

500-700 g of urea diluted in 10 liters of water and spray the resulting solution with branches (especially their ends), stems and soil in pristvolnyh circles. If there are still leaves on the plants, process them well too. This preventive measure will save your trees from diseases and pests in the next season.

Pay attention to tree trunks

Clean the lichen tree trunks: spray them with a 10% solution of ferrous sulfate, and after 3-4 days, remove the growths with a stiff brush. If the average air temperature has not yet dropped below 6 ° C, whitewash the tree trunks.

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