Preparing for planting flowers in containers

Inspect the planting material

Do not forget to periodically check the gladioli bulbs stored in the basement, the dahlia and begonia tubers, the calla rhizomes and cut off the damaged and decayed areas. Places of cuts should be powdered with a mixture of crushed coal and fungicide (for example, Fundazol) in equal proportions. Sick tubers must be removed immediately to prevent the spread of the disease. If sprouts appear on the dahlia tubers, they should be broken off.

Do not dispose of waste.

Onion peel, as well as eggs and nutshells are a great alternative to flower fertilizers. They not only enrich the soil with calcium and magnesium, but also deter Medvedka. In this case, the husks and shells can be applied to the soil in winter, when a small layer of snow is lying, and in the spring during the thaw.

Prepare the crates and soil

Clean the wooden boxes from dirt, scald them with boiling water and rinse with a maroon potassium permanganate solution. Prepare the fertile soil from a mixture of sod, peat and river sand in a ratio of 3: 3: 1. Before planting flowers, hold the soil mixture for several days in the cold to destroy the pests in it.



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