"Happy Farmer" in reality. Plant high-tech "radish"

Surely many users of social networks remember the online game "Happy Farmer", in which it was necessary to plant crops, cultivate beds, harvest and carefully monitor that greedy neighbors did not come to profit with ripe vegetables and fruits.

In the wake of the universal hobby of an online toy designer from China named Arthur Xin created an unusual gadget for real gardens, beds and lawns - The ripe radish.

The ripe radish device is a cross between a kind of flowerbed or flower pot and a street lamp. The fact is that the device itself is a lamp, which by day absorbs the energy of the sun, and at night gives it all, without a trace, glowing with a flickering orange-red color.

In addition, the heat emanating from the lamp helps to grow better and faster to those flowers or crops that are planted in this very device. As we have said, this is not only a street lamp, but also a kind of garden. Since one should only dig in a miracle lantern to the ground, and this or that plant will probably “tangle” from above, the whole structure will vividly resemble a turnip, radish or the same radish (literally the name of the device can be translated as “ripe radish”).

True, such a radish, glowing at night in the garden, will surely attract the attention of hunters for someone else's harvest. So if you even use such devices to decorate seedlings, you should do it where such troubles are excluded: in the courtyard of a private house, in the winter garden, on the balcony - in general, in a safe place open only to the sun's rays and the views of friends people.

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