Mini garden in a bottle - a cute decoration for your interior

Once upon a time, it was considered very fashionable to have a ship “hidden” in a glass bottle. Over the years, this tradition has undergone changes, and now in closed containers, entire gardens are grown, which look like a reduced copy of the real ones.

Horticulture is not only fond of owners of suburban areas, but also residents of large cities such as London, for example. For the inhabitants of the capital of Great Britain, the Columbia Road Flower Market runs every Sunday, where you can buy fresh cut flowers. Recently, however, many owners of garden and garden stores offer original compositions designed to attract aspiring lovers of "suburban art".

We can safely say that the inhabitants of England were covered by a real "green wave", implying a passion for plants and growing them in urban environments. The embodiment of this trend are terrariums, created by London designers Emma Sibley and Tom Murphy. Young people never had their own farm, but they were constantly inspired by the example of relatives - owners of small country houses.

The gardens that were grown by close people were also small. By the way, they became the basis for the creation of green terrariums of Sibley and Murphy. Designers "sealed" in the banks of the brine stones and moss from the gardens of their childhood, picked up the cuttings from indoor plants and added all sorts of useful "little things".

After the first success, young designers realized that the forgotten art of creating compositions in glass containers, known from the 19th century, is again becoming popular. Their jobs were quickly filled with "miniature ecosystems." Then young people began to make similar crafts for friends, acquaintances and strangers. Gradually, the evening passion developed into a business when the small London Terrariums company was founded, which successfully sells its own creations.

Now the company holds seminars where it tells that everyone can quickly and freely master the art of “bottle gardening”. According to the organizers, they are not afraid that master classes on the creation of florarium will take away part of their earnings from them. The main thing that they would like to achieve is to teach everyone to this simple art.

A mini-garden in a glass container is the ideal solution for those plants that are sensitive to air humidity. In an insulated container, it is much easier to create a humid microclimate for plants, since it is easier to maintain the required temperature and humidity level.

To create an individual composition, it is best to pick plants with beautiful leaves (decorative and deciduous) than just beautiful flowering plants. Since the flowering period in an enclosed space is short, the plants will fade rather quickly, and you will have to remove plant debris or replant the flowers altogether.

The higher the humidity level in the bottle, the more moisture-loving and tropical plants need to be selected. A good composition can be made if you use orchids and saintpaulias, fittons, ferns, ivy, chlorophytum, pellets, royal begonias, bromeliads, royal begonias, dwarf ficuses, drayens, moss, etc.

Mini-garden in a bottle is a new trend in urban garden art. It can develop both independently and become a pleasant decoration of your suburban area, its miniature copy or the quintessence of wishes. Experiment and try to create a dream garden in miniature - and you will succeed.

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