6 secrets of a picturesque garden path

We share with you a list of six mandatory conditions for a truly beautiful garden path.

Garden path can not be called the face of the garden, but it definitely creates an atmosphere on the site. Neatly laid paving or tile looks formal and solid, gravel and mulch - simple and unpretentious. The walkway can perform an exceptionally practical function and lead to outbuildings or bring a zest to the landscape design and wind along the flower garden, ending at the gazebo or artificial reservoir.

We have already published a step-by-step master class on how to build a track from various materials (for example, cuts or rubber tiles). In this article we want to share the secrets of creating a beautiful garden path, which will lighten your mood for you and your guests, taking a stroll along it and spend a minute of relaxation in the flowering garden.

1. Alluring form

Agree that winding paths have much more to walk than straight prosaic paths. Smooth bends invite you to step onto the path and get lost in fragrant shrubs that frame it. Unable to resist!

To simplify your task, before you start laying the track, mark its contours with a garden hose or rope.

2. Private destination


Any path should lead somewhere, and from where it will lead the one who stepped on it, in many respects depends on how attractive it will turn out. If you hardly want to stroll frequently in the direction of the barn, then the path that ends at the pergola, twined with flowers, a secluded bench, a gazebo or a pond will inevitably attract visitors.

A great idea is to set up a “live” gazebo at the end of the path, set a table, hang a hammock, etc. It is only your imagination!

3. Worthy framing

To make the path look natural, plant a border of ground cover plants up to 30 cm high along it. For a more dramatic effect, create a cascade of grasses, flowers and shrubs of various heights along the entire path.

As a curb, you can also use not only familiar stones and bricks, but also more non-trivial materials. For example, glass bottles, broken ceramic plates, wooden pegs, etc.

4. Fragrant fragrance

In order to walk along the path it is really pleasant to walk, it must be not only visually attractive, but also fragrant.

Planted along the path of fragrant flowers: rezedu, peonies, roses, mattiola, fragrant tobacco and sweet peas. And you can go another way - to create along the path a "garden" border of fragrant herbs: mint, thyme, lavender, basil, tarragon, etc.

Just imagine how pleasant it would be to inhale on such a track with a full breast!

Sage, rosemary, catnip can also boast a strong pleasant aroma.

5. Beautiful material

The material of which the track is made also plays an important role. If it is a mulch, then let it be as natural as possible: dry spruce, larch bark, small pebbles, etc.

If you choose artificial material, no "acidic" unrealistic shades - it will look cheap and destroy the whole atmosphere. Be inspired by nature!

6. Harmony in everything

Consider the color of the material of the track so that it favorably set off the plants bordering it. Do not plant flowers and grass chaotically. Ideally, all plants should be in harmony with each other.

A good idea is to organize a border of continuous flowering along the garden path, which smells sweet all season from early spring to autumn.

If you are proud of your beautiful garden path, show it to us in the comments to this article or on our forum!

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