We take care of ripening fruits.

Help the branches not to break under the weight of the fruit

By mid-August, many fruit trees are bending under the weight of the crop, and they need to be helped to withstand this difficult time. To do this, install under the branches of the support of wooden bars or other scrap materials. Falling fruits should be regularly collected.

Protect apples from premature falling

Spraying apples with an aqueous solution of growth substances (KANU, ANU, Heteroauxin, NUK) will help to increase the strength of attachment of ripened fruits. After that, there will be much less apples. At the same time processing will not affect the process of their maturation.

Harvest in time

The most pleasant thing in growing fruit trees and berry bushes is harvesting. By the middle of August, some varieties of apples, pears, cherry plums and plums are already ripening.

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Watch the video: Backyard Fruit Tree Basics (November 2019).