Animals smelling flowers - more than 50 touching photos

Looking at these photos, you might think that animals, like people, enjoy the pleasure of a pleasant smell. This question is controversial, but one thing is certain - many animals smell much better than humans. And it looks very nice. See for yourself!

Among pets, the dog smells most acutely, and even from a distance. By smell, they are looking for their fellows, the owner, the desired trail. But sometimes our four-legged friends just stop at the vending flower and freeze with pleasure.

Cats are very sensitive to odors, especially sharp, like a chemical air freshener. But the attitude of cats to flowers is quite benevolent. If you notice how a cat walks through a flower bed, smelling flowers, know that it marks the territory with its smell, making it more cozy and comfortable for you.

Rodents, like cats and dogs, can smell and smell very well. Some scare them away, for example, the sharp odors of spicy aromatic herbs or spices, and some, on the contrary, attract. This can be seen by looking at a selection of photos.

Wild animals, perhaps even more often than domestic animals, can be caught by the meditative enjoyment of the nature in which they inhabit. And some animals eat flowers and herbs for food, determining by smell whether they are poisonous or edible.

Watch your pets, and you may also be able to capture an interesting moment! Funny photos lay out in the comments to the article. We will be touched together.)))

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