26 ideas that will make the garden more comfortable and facilitate the care of plants

Fresh solutions for vertical gardening, labels for garden beds, ideas for creating original flowerpots - you will learn about all this and much more from our article. Read, catch inspiration and transform your garden.

If you spend a lot of time caring for a garden, you want it to be not only beautiful, but also with a twist. We offer 26 ideas that can be implemented by absolutely everyone. The main thing would be the desire and all the necessary materials at hand.

Plants for plants from tiles

1000 threads

Discard the plastic containers and make your own original planting pots using large paving tiles.

High beds

Delia creates

Break a kitchen garden, having made bulk high beds. This will not only simplify the care of crops, but also become the highlight of the site.

A box with tools for the garden

Satori Design For Living

Store small tools (choppers, garden shears, etc.) in a special box. This will facilitate the search for the desired inventory. And if you take care of the appearance of the box, it will become a real element of the decor.

Here are some more ideas on how to store garden tools.

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Cascading clay fountains

David Beaulieu

Everyone can make a cascade fountain from an old clay pot. It will add a special charm to the garden. In addition, the sound of pouring water acts peacefully.

Clay labels with an inscription


There is something to sign crops in the garden. This can be done not only with the help of ordinary wooden plates with labels, but also in a more original way. For example, using clay labels with an inscription-print. Yes, you will have to tinker with their production, but it will be much more interesting to look at such a garden (flowerbed, box with seedlings).

Garden grilles


Help the climbing plants by making garden trellises for them. You can arrange them on the outer walls of the house, allowing the bindweed to independently engage in vertical gardening. It will take quite a bit of time, and you get a lush green living wall.

Learn about other options for creating supports for plants.

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Garden bench-flower garden


Garden benches are not only a place to rest. Any shop can be adapted even for the cultivation of ornamental plants. You can cut through it special holes for containers or install pots directly on the surface of the structure. True, in the second case, it is worth remembering that strong gusts of wind can knock over the pots.

Flowerbed with storage compartment for hose


It is not so easy to think of a place to store the hose, so that at the same time it does not spoil the landscape design and does not hang out under your feet. Why not build a special niche for him directly in a wooden garden pot!

Suspended flower bed from drainpipes


If the garden is quite small, but you want to grow as many ornamental plants as possible, make hanging flower beds from the drain profile. In addition, it will be a great solution if you want to grow some herbs outside your pet's reach.

Flowerbed in cowboy boots


Create original pots, giving new life to your cowboy boots. Be sure: they are ideal for growing small plants and give the garden a "zest".

Color garden tools

Update your garden tools so that all tools look like they are from one set. It is not at all difficult to do this, for example, by painting all the pens in the same style. Or you can paint the metal parts of the inventory in bright colors. However, for this, be careful when choosing paint, so that it does not burst and does not peel off after several weeks of work in the garden.

Garden apron

Stay tidy by working in the garden. This will help the apron. There is one more reason to buy or sew this accessory. You can keep the necessary tools and seeds tucked into the belt or in his pockets.

Flowerbeds from painted building blocks

A kailo chic life

Are unnecessary building blocks left? Do not store them in the shed, there they will only clutter the space. Paint them with bright geometric patterns and build original flower gardens of them for bright and unusual garden design.

Mini garden grilles


Help pot bindweed create a stylish composition by installing a small decorative arch or trellis right in the flowerpots.

Plate-pots with the house number

A beautiful mess

Need extra space for ornamental plants? Refine the house number plate to make a flowerpot. This decision will be a stylish decor for the facade of the cottage.

Scrapbooking Ribbon Pointer Labels


Does it happen that you mistakenly take cilantro instead of parsley or confuse other herbs in the garden beds? To avoid confusion, mark the culture by making decorative plates with colored translucent washi tapes (decorative tape) for scrapbooking.

Wooden outdoor vases


Decorate the porch or backyard with one or more outdoor flowerpots made of wood. In elongated low-growing plants and flowers look good, but in the classic square you can plant low shrubs and trees, such as thuja.

Balcony flower boxes

Yellow Brick Home

Decorate the balcony or terrace with a railing fence with flower boxes. When the plants grow, they will create a cozy frame, and it will be even more pleasant to relax in green surroundings.

Suspended pots

Even on the smallest balcony there is always room for hanging pots.

Pockets for vertical gardening

Frameworks and nets with pockets for plants can be found on sale in finished form. And you can make a little effort and create a similar solution with your own hands. Particularly impressive with such vertical landscaping look ferns.

Flower beds monograms


Build a flower bed in the form of its initials. To make the symbol better read, plant it with one type of decorative leafy or flowering plants. By the way, the monogram can be made both horizontal and vertical.

Flowerpot from a mosaic tile

Centsational Girl

Create even more space for ornamental plants by making a charming pot of mosaic tiles.

Seed balls


Roll the plant seeds into one big ball. Instead of making tiny pits and placing miniature seeds there when planting, you will have to make just one dimple and lower that ball there. What will it give apart from speeding up the landing process? You will grow a lot of plants in one small space.

Cache pot with gradient


Add even more color to the garden using bright pots with a gradient.

Plant boxes


Do you have pavement tiles in the yard and not a place for planting? You can still break a small garden using wooden crates.

Suspended pots from wicker baskets

A beautiful mess

Another idea for vertical gardening - hanging "flower beds" of wicker baskets.


Our ideas will help transform the garden, make it "not like everyone else." Do not be afraid to experiment. Farmland - this is the place where you can give free rein to fantasy.


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