Garden 2016 Seven fashion trends for the next season

Fashion is fickle and fickle. This applies to both clothing and solutions for the garden. And although it is still far from the beginning of the active season, it's time to outline a plan for future work on the reorganization of the suburban area.

In the new season, non-standard and unexpected solutions will become fashionable. Special attention will be paid to creating an individual comfort zone, places for relaxation and rest. So, what changes in landscape design are advised to make by experts?

There is nothing new in this trend, it just once again claims to be relevant. Try this season not to separate the flowers from the vegetables, taking away a specific place for each planting. Let the mixed garden, in which ornamental flowers coexist with "edible" cultures, be the first experiment in the new year. You just imagine what a riot of colors will appear in your garden when you sow a solid array of herbs, seasonings, flowers, fruits and vegetables.

A combined garden can be not only beautiful, but also useful.

However, fashion lawmakers do not specify how in this case to organize harvesting. If you plant asparagus or other crops next to raspberry bushes, it is likely that something will be damaged during harvest.

Surely your garden is not enough "life." Hopefully, in 2016, it will be filled with birds singing, buzzing bees and multi-colored rags of fluttering butterflies. To do this, plant the appropriate plants that will attract useful neighbors to your site.

To attract birds recommend organizing a small pond or other water tank. Birds prefer shallow water, so you should not dig in the area of ​​the pool, enough depth of several centimeters.

Do not forget about bird feeders not only in summer but also in winter

Population bees inevitably shrinking. But to increase their activity on their own site is quite simple. Bees adore bright and acidic colors. The more pink, yellow, purple and orange flowers on your site, the more “flying pollinators” you will attract.

Butterflies interested in a large number of plants and flowers. Violets can become a universal option - they are a source of nectar, and the pearl caterpillars, one of the most beautiful butterflies, also live in them.

Artificial fountains are now on top of popularity. Compete with them can only the murmur of water in the pond. The sound of water is able to calm down after a busy day of work and the noise of the megalopolis. Water attracts various animals that can make you a pleasant company.

It does not require a lot of space to locate the pond

It is possible to organize "water land" on the site with minimal costs, both financial and labor. That is why water has become a welcome guest at any site.

In 2016, comfort zones in open space should look more attractive than an old, rickety chaise lounge, standing on an unkempt lawn. In beauty, they should be comparable to the interior and the rooms.

In the design of outdoor spaces, modern acrylic fabrics should be used - durable, resistant to fading, waterproof. Now their diversity is greater than ever. Use them on garden furniture to simulate the luxury of a living room or dining room.

Be careful: smells from the open kitchen can attract neighbors

Open kitchens have all the advantages of closed analogs and not only. They can be elongated stone racks, on which beautiful and shiny utensils rest. And if you add a small fireplace, the open kitchen will be perhaps the most popular place in the house and outside its walls.

The outside world is becoming more aggressive and malevolent. There are grounds for creating a small closed oasis, hidden from prying eyes.

A hedge is also a beautiful element of landscape design.

The fence may be in the form of a fence entwined with ivy, or perennials planted in rows in containers. Japanese holly or plants of the genus boxwood create a beautiful impassable hedge. Alternatively, you can organize a "live screen" of trees, shrubs and perennials. The trend of the season - natural fencing of the plant world.

The pursuit of rare and exotic plant species often leads to the creation of their own extra problems. They require constant care, our weather conditions are not always suitable for them and often these plants do not have any other function than decorative. The same roses in northern latitudes hardly grow without daily signs of attention.

Therefore, it is better to plant simple and unpretentious flowers, among which marigold, nasturtium, ipomoea. Perennial plants, such as luxurious dahlias and fragrant peonies, seem to fill the garden with white, red and pink clouds during flowering.

A beautiful garden is a neat garden.

Garden fern is not afraid of forest thickets and shady places near the house. Shade-tolerant herbs and plants form beautiful green compositions that adorn the local area, garden or recreation area. In short, in 2016, simplicity, practicality and convenience should come to replace the elaborate experiments with rare and capricious plants.

A walk in the garden in the evening should not turn into a quest for survival. Besides, shine favorably emphasizes design features and smooth garden forms.

Individual outdoor lighting will be required for the walkway, garden, swimming pool, outbuildings, etc. In addition to elegance, warmth and a welcoming atmosphere, lanterns protect from injury and other trouble.

Imagine an evening stroll through the originally lit garden. With proper choice of lanterns, a unique game of shadow and light will be created in it, and the brightest flowers will play with new colors.

Not necessarily blindly follow all fashion trends. It is enough to choose a couple, develop them or transform and turn your garden into a desired place for rest and relaxation.

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