Top host varieties for planting in 2016

Khosta is an indispensable ornamental plant for shady parts of a garden. These perennials are ideal for growing in borders and mixborders, at the foot of the Alpine hills and in the trunks of tree trunks.

If this year you decided to settle hosts in your garden, we offer a selection of 7 worthy varieties of this beautiful plant.

Side brim

Side brim - hybrid host with foliage dome-shaped. The color of the leaves is gray, almost blue with a light-green border. This host blooms in lilac in July-August.

Bushes Side brim prefer shade and partial shade, rich, loose soil. Winter-hardy plants and courageously tolerate frost without shelter.

Leaf colorHeight (cm)The diameter of the bush (cm)Distance between plants (cm)
Gray with a lime border30-6060-100100


Hosta June - one of the most beautiful in our "rating". The color of its leaves changes from a yellowish shade with a thin dark green border around the edge of the leaf at a young age to gray, almost blue with a small light green spot in the center.

Hosta June grows magnificently in the sun and in the shade, is not afraid of frosts and does not require special care.

Leaf colorHeight (cm)The diameter of the bush (cm)Distance between plants (cm)
Light green in the center, gray at the edges35-407075-90


Hosta Patriot - one of the most popular among its "sisters". Bushes of this variety are famous for their foliage rich green color with a pale yellow edging. In addition, at the end of summer, the host blooms with charming lavender flowers.

Leaf colorHeight (cm)The diameter of the bush (cm)Distance between plants (cm)
Green, light yellow around the edges35-4060-7560-90

Royal Standard

Royal Standard - A hybrid host with foliage saturated green. The bush is quite wide and tall. This host blooms with purple flowers that emit a strong, pleasant scent.

Unlike most other host varieties, it prefers good solar lighting, although the leaves do not fade even in the shade. Bushes Royal Standard Do not require shelter for the winter, but in the spring they are desirable to mulch.

Leaf colorHeight (cm)The diameter of the bush (cm)Distance between plants (cm)

First Frost

Hosta First Frost - full antipode of June in terms of foliage coloring If the leaves June the center is yellow-green, and the edge of the leaves is blue-blue, then First Frost is exactly the opposite.

The name of the variety, which in English means "first frost", hints at the feature of the hosts of this variety: the bushes remain beautiful and "smart" until the very first frost.

During flowering plants are covered with delicate lavender flowers on high peduncles.

Leaf colorHeight (cm)The diameter of the bush (cm)Distance between plants (cm)
Gray with a yellow border around the edges4060-7060-90

Francis Williams

Host leaves Francis Williams remarkable for its heart-shaped form, they reach a length of 30 cm. The color of the foliage is gray, green and blue. Yellow-green edging leaves over time becomes yellowish-cream color.

This beautiful host can grow in tree trunks, mixborders, and even containers.

Leaf colorHeight (cm)The diameter of the bush (cm)Distance between plants (cm)
Gray with a yellow-green border around the edges8090-130120


Elegans can rightly be considered one of the most delicious host varieties. The bush is striking in its size: its height is on average 65 cm, and during flowering at the expense of flowers on tall stems - and even more. The shrub of an adult plant grows up to 130 cm wide!

Particular pride hosts Elegans - large heart-shaped jade leaves, the length of which can reach 37 cm. But these hosts are no less attractive during flowering. At the end of summer, beautiful white flowers bloom on high peduncles, shaped like tubular lilies.

Leaf colorHeight (cm)The diameter of the bush (cm)Distance between plants (cm)

If you like beautiful plants and do not want to spend a lot of time caring for them, plant in your flower garden not only hosts, but other unpretentious perennials for the garden.

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