Pruning shrubs during thaws

Protect the berries

Row snow on the beds with strawberries, to the raspberry and blackberry branches, and also to the bushes of grapes. If there is not enough snow, and the outside air temperature drops below 0 ° C, cover the bushes with plastic wrap and dust it with sawdust edges. Note that between the shelter and the plant should be an air gap 5-7 cm thick.

Do pruning

During the thaws continue pruning berry bushes started in December. Remove all old, damaged, weak and diseased branches, as well as those shoots that grow inside the bush.

Rejuvenate berry bushes

For old bushes that already produce a bad crop, cut off the branches and shoots lying on the ground with minimal growth. And if the plant is very old, you can try to rejuvenate it - cut off all the branches "to the stump", leaving only the trunk with a height of no more than 10-15 cm.

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