We are engaged in onions, garlic and cauliflower

Store the garlic

Mid-September is the best time to remove the spring garlic from the garden and store it. So that in winter the heads do not spoil and garlic diseases do not occur during storage, it is necessary to dig out the harvest in a timely manner.

Clean the onion

Together with garlic should be removed and onions. This should be done in dry weather, otherwise the bulbs may start to rot during storage. For the same reason, it is recommended to cut dried feathers not too close to the neck of the bulb.

"Relocate" to the house cauliflower

Heads of cauliflower will increase in size during the month, even if they are put together with the roots in boxes without soil and sent to the cellar. It's all about the nutrients accumulated in the leaves. If you still want to leave the cauliflower on the garden, be sure to cover it with non-woven material.

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