How to take pictures of flowers: reveal the secrets of the perfect picture

Summer pleases with bright colors. Garden flowers replace each other on the flowerbeds, gazebos are decorated with lianas, and pots with annuals stand on the windowsills. It's time to go on photohunting.

All this beauty is so fragile and short-lived, so I want to keep it at least in photos: capture a bit of summer, and then share the results of my work on social networks. Flower photography is one of the most popular amateur photography genres. That's just not always able to reflect in the pictures that tenderness, refinement and beauty of the flower, which he has in reality. What to do? What to look for?

Professional photographers advise never take pictures of flowers from above. And although this is the usual angle for us (we look at the flowerbed from top to bottom), such a composition will look very different in the picture. It is necessary to sit down or even lie down on the ground during photography - and the pictures will be completely different: live and proportional.

If the camera supports macro functionBe sure to try some close-ups of flowers. As a result, very unusual photographs can be obtained in which it is easy to see the structure of the petals, the pistil, the stamens, as well as the play of shades with an unusual coloring. That's very beautiful!

Photograph flowers in cloudy weather. On a cloudy day, the shadows are not so visible in the frame, and the colors look natural: as we see them live.

Another good reception is taking photos. plants after the rain. Water drops add buds, stems and leaves of shine and tenderness.


Play on the contrast. Sometimes one flower you choose to shoot may be lost on a colorful background. Find such a view that the background is monotonous whenever possible and contrasted with the color of the plant. For example, bright buds of almost any shades look great against the background of lush greenery or blue sky.

In general, when photographing plants, it is important to decide in advance what a highlight is in it. It is on this detail that emphasis should be placed. For example, an unusual form of a bud, a long elegant stem, amazing color or texture ... And maybe insectthat crouched just for a couple of seconds? Such photos are especially valuable.

Curious that odd number of objects in the frame looks more profitable. So if you shoot multiple flowers, keep in mind that three plants will look better than two or four. This is because, with an odd number, the main flower will always be in the center and, accordingly, attract attention.

Now, knowing the general rules of photographing flowers, you can easily make great pictures that you would not be ashamed to boast with.

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