4 reasons to order a landscape design from a specialist

Do you think it is worth overpaying for the professional landscape design of your suburban area? We have several strong arguments in support of this idea.

When the construction of the house is completed, it is too early to exhale with relief, because there is another important stage in the construction of the site - landscaping and communication in the surrounding area.

The main question that does not give rest to the happy owners of a country house is to do it on their own or contact the landscape company. Do not rush to dismiss the second option! We can name at least four convincing arguments in support of it.

Reason # 1: saving time

Improvement on your own in a predictable way will take a long time - at least a few years, and sometimes this pleasure stretches over decades ...

It is very likely that the same work will have to be redone several times. The nonprofessional may not foresee many small nuances: starting from the properties of the soil on which the plant cannot grow and develop, the incompatibility of some plant species to the absence of a drainage system, which can lead to the accumulation of excessive moisture and plant death.

One "puncture" - and you have to do the redevelopment of the site, transplant and change plants ... And this is additional financial and time costs.

When contacting companies that are engaged in landscape design professionally, such risks are minimized.

Reason number 2: finance savings

At first glance it may seem that hiring a landscape designer is an expensive pleasure. On the one hand, this is true, because in addition to consumables, you will have to pay for the work of a specialist.

On the other hand, if you are planning a major alteration of the site, the intermediary will help you save money:

  • First, as mentioned above, the specialist initially calculates all the risks, and you do not have to invest money in the implementation of deliberately unsuccessful decisions or the purchase of plants that are not suitable for your site.
  • Secondly, many landscape design companies, as a rule, work with wholesale suppliers, have access to discounts and special promotions.

Design planning is like going on vacation. Often a travel package is cheaper than booking tickets and independent living on the territory of another country.

Reason number 3: the implementation of the project "turnkey"

Private experts tend to be cheaper, but their range of capabilities will be limited. The services of landscape companies will naturally cost more, but they will be able to offer a comprehensive solution to the problem: from the sketch to the full turnkey implementation of the project.

What does the concept of landscape design "turnkey"? As a rule, it includes preliminary and engineering design, as well as project implementation:

  • creating the concept of a plot
  • selection of a range of plants,
  • development of small architectural forms,
  • road network planning, recreation areas,
  • design of communications (storm sewer, drainage system, auto-irrigation, lighting).

In other words, everything that is needed is foreseen and planned. You just need to approve the project and fully trust the professionals.

Reason # 4: Compliance with expectations and reality

How often on paper everything looks beautiful, but you will not look at the end result without tears! In case of major alterations, it is especially disappointing to compare the expected "before" and the resulting "after."

In order for the client of the company to understand how his section will look after the completion of the work, except for the master plan, where all the planned elements of landscape design and plants are plotted by the piece, visualization is offered, in which the designer’s idea is presented visually.

Sometimes in order to save the project and the embodiment ordered in different companies. If you want to get exactly what your landscape architect has invented for your site, it is highly undesirable to give the project in the wrong hands. And this is why: when implementing a project, another specialist will necessarily add his vision, and the result will be unpredictable. For example, instead of a laconic Japanese garden, you can get a garden that is far from the original idea with chaotic plantings and an eclectic combination of individual elements.

Work on the transformation of the site is better to give in one hand. In this case, the company is responsible for each stage of work. And, therefore, if difficulties arise, their solution will not require emotional, financial and time costs.

If you do not have the desire to spend years on reworking, but you really want to transform the plot, contact the professionals. In order not to be disappointed in the result, when choosing an artist, study his reputation, customer reviews. Meet several companies and choose the one whose approach to work is as close as possible to you. In this case, the risk of remaining unhappy will be minimal.

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