We start preparing for sowing


Prepare seedling containers

Check if you have enough seedlings. If not, purchase or make from scrap materials (plastic bottles, boxes of juice, etc.). Before use, do not forget to disinfect all seedling boxes, tapes, pots, etc. to protect plants from infections.

Prepare the soil

The soil also needs treatment. To avoid infection of seedlings, spill it with a solution of a fungicide (blue vitriol, colloidal sulfur, Fitosporin, Albit, Trichodermin, Barrier, Barrier, etc.), freeze, calcine in the oven or steam in a water bath.

Prepare the seeds

Check the expiration date of the seeds and start preparing them for sowing. If necessary, soak the seeds, decontaminate them in a solution of any fungicide or a dark pink solution of potassium permanganate, warm it up, or subject it to other necessary treatment.

Check the safety of the bulbs, tubers and cuttings

Enumerate the tubers, bulbs and cuttings of flowers and ornamental plants stored in the basement or in the refrigerator. Sick discard. If the tubers or bulbs have just begun to rot, cut out the affected part with a sharp knife, and cover the cut with a brilliant green or sprinkle with crushed coal.

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