Ogorod.ru recommends: beautiful flowers, for which there is almost no need to care

A flower garden that lives its own life is the dream of every summer resident. And it is quite feasible if you plant unpretentious plants in a flower bed. What are these ascetic flowers? Let's find out!

What plants to choose for trouble-free flower garden? We have compiled a small selection of 7 plants, but in fact unpretentious crops for a flower bed are much larger.

Daffodils - the first "suns"

Start, perhaps, it is worth primroses. One of the first parade of spring flowers is discovered in daffodils - plants are unpretentious, but bright and beautiful. However, one should not think that it is enough to simply drop the bulbs of daffodils into the ground in the fall, and they will immediately start growing. To enjoy truly magnificent flowering, some rules of planting and care will still have to be observed.

Read more about growing daffodils: Daffodils - rules of planting and care.


Primula - a fragile primrose with an "iron" character

Another early flower with a "hard" character is a primula. It is not only unpretentious, but also winter-hardy. And how it blooms! Its significant advantage is that the primrose easily adapts to environmental conditions. The only condition for safe plant growth is a shaded area with acidified soil rich in organic matter.

  • Garden primrose - plant care features
    Growing primrose is pretty easy, and it blooms very beautifully!


Thyme - "wagon" for any flower bed

Choosing an unpretentious plant for the garden, you should pay attention to thyme (or thyme). This is a groundcover that looks great on alpine hills and rockeries. But, in fact, it can be planted anywhere: low neat thyme bushes will decorate every corner of the garden. And the variety of thyme varieties is so great that you will pick up a plant that fits into the design of your garden best.

  • Thyme (thyme): features of cultivation
    Known to many spice thyme can decorate and flower beds at the dacha.

"Zhivuchka" for flower beds and flowerpot

Some of the most viable plants are succulents. In particular, you should pay attention to the young (or stone rose). This plant is so unpretentious that it can be grown without problems on the site, and at home. No wonder it is also called "tenacious". Molodil of different varieties and hybrids are painted in all shades of green, and are also silvery, red, pinkish, maroon. This color variety allows, combining, to create these plant paintings.

Viola - unpretentious and mysterious beauty

In the new season, be sure to plant in the garden viola (pansies). It cannot be said that these flowers are quite unpretentious, but if they create the right conditions for them, they will grow very well. The main thing is to plant them in fertile soil in a well-lit sun and a place protected from the draft and regularly water it. Agree, these are not such impracticable requirements.

And also viola worth planting because they are considered flowers of lovers.

Phlox Drummond - "loner" - long

Phlox Drummond is valued primarily for its drought resistance and cold resistance. But be merciful: you should not exhaust the plant with “thirst” and plant it in deaf shadow. Bright "stars" phlox under decent growing conditions and regular watering will decorate the flower garden throughout the summer. Another feature of Drummond phlox is that it is the only representative of its kind. This plant is easy to grow from seed.

How to do this, you can learn from the article Phlox Drummond - landing and care.

Nasturtium - the queen of unpretentious vines

Among the lianas there are also plants, the cultivation of which will not cause difficulties. One of them - nasturtium - annual, capable in a short time to disguise unsightly buildings in the garden, dull fences or just areas under large trees.

  • Nasturtium - an indispensable plant in the garden with vines
    Nasturtium is beautiful, unpretentious, grows very quickly and perfectly masks unsightly areas of the garden.

There are still many unpretentious plants for a "carefree" garden. These are Japanese anemone, astilba, gelenium, chamomile garden, rudbeckia, host, echinacea ... You can read about them and other problem-free colors in the article "15 beautiful and unpretentious perennials for the garden."

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