The best varieties of sweet peppers for the Urals

Bulgarian pepper can be successfully grown in the Urals, not only in the greenhouse, but also in open ground. But for this you need to choose the right grade. What - learn from our article.

When growing peppers in the Urals, it is better to use a seedling method and plant the plants in the greenhouse. But many experienced gardeners grow early-ripe varieties in the open field and produce a good harvest. How do they do it?

When choosing a variety, it is necessary to take into account not only the ripening period, but also winter hardiness, and the light zone. Many varieties listed in the registry are only theoretically suitable for growing in the unstable climate of the Urals, and in fact, for a short and cold summer, the pepper simply does not have time to ripen.

We have prepared for you a list of varieties of sweet peppers, which are best suited for growing in the Urals.


Pepper of this mid-season variety grows well in difficult weather conditions of the Urals: it is undemanding to light and endures low temperatures. Bogatyr famous not only for its unpretentiousness. Its sweet and juicy red fruits are shaped like a cone and can reach 18 cm in length. Plus, they have an excellent presentation and are not damaged during transportation, so they can be grown for sale.

PurposeGrowing upMaturation term (days)Fruit weight (g)Productivity (kg / sq.m)



Winnie the Pooh

The bush of this early-ripening variety is very compact: it grows only up to 30 cm in height, and the fruit weight does not exceed 50 g. But this fact does not affect the taste of pepper in any way - they are excellent. Fruit Winnie the pooh bright red, cone-shaped.

PurposeGrowing upMaturation term (days)Fruit weight (g)Productivity (kg / sq.m)



Yellow bull, Red bull

These mid-early varieties differ only in the color of the fruit. As you might guess, in the first grade the fruit is yellow, in the second - red. They are very large, shaped like a prism with a ribbed surface.

The bushes on which the pepper matures are rather tall and strong. The main value of both varieties - a very high yield and good presentation of the fruit.

PurposeGrowing upMaturation term (days)Fruit weight (g)Productivity (kg / sq.m)




Pepper of this variety is very fragrant and juicy. However, he has many other advantages: the variety is early ripe, with sweet large fruits of red color, shaped like a cylinder. The height of the bush - up to 85 cm. Pepper continues to ripen on it until the autumn. Besides, Merchant not bad transfers large temperature drops, which is important for the Ural region.

PurposeGrowing upMaturation term (days)Fruit weight (g)Productivity (kg / sq.m)




On a tall bush (about 120 cm) varieties Montero large red fruits are located, the mass of which, when grown in a greenhouse or under a film, can reach 250 g. And this is not the limit!

In 2002, a record mass of sweet pepper fruit was registered. Montero. She was 940

PurposeGrowing upMaturation term (days)Fruit weight (g)Productivity (kg / sq.m)




According to amateur gardeners cultivating sweet peppers in the Urals, Pioneer - the only variety that is ideal for cultivation in the open field in the harsh conditions of this region.

Pepper bush grows up to 70 cm, on it are located cone-shaped fruits of medium size, which, as they mature, acquire a rich red color. The only drawback of this variety is the low yield. But for its cultivation it is not necessary to construct any special devices.

PurposeGrowing upMaturation term (days)Fruit weight (g)Productivity (kg / sq.m)



Useful tips for the care of sweet peppers in the Urals

  • Pepper loves warmth and good lighting, so it is better for novice gardeners to grow it in a greenhouse or on warm beds. In the Urals, the summer is short and later, and the pepper may not even have time to ripen unpretentious varieties.
  • When grown by seedlings, seeds are sown in February-March. In May, flowers appear on the plant. In the southern regions they are usually cut off, but in the Urals this is not worth doing: there is a risk that the fruits will not have time to ripen. It is better to take a cotton swab or a thin brush and re-pollinate flowers. So the fruit will fasten faster.
  • It is advisable to plant seedlings or seeds in open ground, when the average daily temperature of at least 13-15 ° C is established outside. And with the threat of frosts, beds should be covered with spunbond.
  • Sweet pepper responds well to fertilizing with organic fertilizers, therefore, before planting, compost or humus at the rate of 3-4 kg / sq.
  • To increase the endurance of the peppers and help them "survive" in the difficult weather conditions of the Urals, during the growing season it is necessary to spray the plants with a mixture of Appin and Zircon every 2 weeks (1 ampoule of each substance is diluted in 10 liters of water).
  • In order for the short summer of the Urals to have time to collect the maximum yield, the fruits of the pepper must be removed a little underripe. So you will give the opportunity to quickly go to the growth of the recently formed small peppers.

Choose the right varieties - and then even in a cold region you will be able to harvest a good crop of sweet peppers. Once you have tasted your own hand-grown fruit, you no longer want to buy vegetables at the store. After all, pepper from your own site is much tastier!

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