Planting onions for the winter - optimal timing and suitable varieties

Not all gardeners know how to plant onions properly before winter and why they need it. In this simple, at first glance, case there are several subtleties that should be followed in order to get a bountiful and early harvest.

Not all varieties of onions are suitable for under-winter planting, however, the right choice of variety does not guarantee you a result. Only a combination of competent agricultural technology, high-quality planting material and meeting the timing of planting onions will allow you to enjoy fresh greens next spring.

How to plant onions before winter

For the autumn planting of onions, a bed will be suitable, on which tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, beans, any cereals, beets, mustard, rapeseed, and salads were grown before. It is not recommended to plant onions after beans, potatoes, alfalfa, red clover, because it can lead to damage by its nematodes. But to plant onions after onions can only be once - in the third year of a good harvest, you will not get.

Soil for the sub-winter landing of onions must be prepared in advance. The best harvest will be on loose fertile soils. Therefore, when digging, add 5-6 kg of humus, 10 g of potash salt and 20 g of superphosphate per 1 sq. M. Before planting, sprinkle the soil with wood ash at the rate of 10 g per square meter.

Then weed the bed, level and compact its surface. Cut the grooves at a distance of 20 m from each other and lay dry sevka in them, leaving 5-7 cm gaps between the bulbs. Carefully fill the bulbs, but do not water them - in the autumn there is enough moisture in the soil. With the onset of frost, thrash the planting with dry leaves, spruce branches, coniferous litter and cover the mulch with branches so that it will not be blown away by the wind. If the winters in your area are snowy, you can do without additional shelters.

It is also important to know how deep the onions are to be planted before winter. Too deep bulbs in spring will germinate longer, waiting for the soil to warm up, and those that are located near the surface, can freeze or soak. Therefore, the optimal depth of seeding during planting - 5 cm.

Processing onion sets before planting

Regardless of whether you purchased planting material or grew it yourself, you will have to sort and sort the onions before the autumn planting. First of all, remove all diseased, rotten, dried and onion with mechanical damage.

Then spread the rest of the bow in size:

  • up to 1 cm in diameter (oatsuzhka);
  • from 1 to 3 cm in diameter (set);
  • more than 3 cm in diameter (sample).

The first and second options are great for planting onions, and the third gives early and abundant greens.

If you are unsure of the health of the seed, it is advisable to disinfect it before planting.

For disinfection onion for half an hour immersed in a solution of copper sulfate (30 g per bucket of water), and then dried in a warm room for a day

What kind of onions can be planted before winter

Before winter, you can sow almost any onion, and the soil for it is prepared equally, regardless of the variety and variety. But in agricultural technology there are some differences.

Black onions before winter

Growing onions from seeds allows you to adapt the variety to your soil and climate, since such growth is as close as possible to natural environmental conditions. In addition, sowing Chernushka allows you to save on planting material and be confident in the quality of onions.

Chernushka is sown in frozen ground at the rate of 100 seeds per 1 meter of groove. The bed is covered with a layer of humus or peat, but not watered. In winter, it is advisable to keep a layer of snow on the ridge with crops. If you have winters with little snow, chambered chernushka with leaves or sawdust, and in the spring remove the mulch before germination.

Bow on a turnip for the winter

Autumn planting onions on a turnip is good not only because it frees time from these troubles in the spring, but also because the onion fly damages the plants less. Indeed, by the time it begins to attack your ridges, a dense base and a developed root lobe are already forming in the onion bulbs. In addition to the planting dates, this bow will be no different from the rest, and you will need to care for it in the same way as for the bow that you always planted in the spring.

Batun bow under the winter

The onion-batun, popular due to its lush greenery, is sown only before winter, and already into frozen ground. It does not have full-fledged bulbs, so the seeds sprinkle thickly, laying the holes at a distance of 20 cm from each other. After sowing, the ridge is mulched with humus or peat, in the spring they are covered with foil.

In the middle lane of the batun gives the first greens in early May

Shallots before winter

Shallots are planted under the winter for a month and a half before the onset of frost, but even in this case almost half of the bulbs do not tolerate winter. The technique of planting it is the same as that of a regular onion, only you need to choose the smallest onion - they are better adapted to the cold. It is necessary to deepen the shallot by 10 cm, but it should be placed in ready holes or pits. It is impossible to press a delicate onion into the ground - it hurts its root system.

When you can plant onions before winter

Planting onions in the fall is carried out without reference to the calendar - it is only necessary to focus on the weather and climatic conditions. It is important to remember that from the moment of planting and before the soil freezes, the onion should have time to take root, but not to start growing. For this, ordinary onions take 2-3 weeks.

How to understand that it is time to plant onion sets for the winter? Watch the thermometer - as soon as the temperature outside has dropped to 5-7 ° C and stays at this point for several days in a row, you can start planting. If autumn in your region is unstable, try to divide the onion into two parts. One will plant in the middle of October, the second - in early November. But planting onions after the onset of stable frosts makes no sense - it will just freeze and spring will not rise.

Where to plant onions before winter

The choice of a place for the sub-winter planting of the onion sets is not a matter of principle - this culture will take root well and rise both on the classical ridges, on the tall ones, and in the greenhouses. However, if you plant a bow for the winter in a greenhouse, it will turn green much earlier than its street counterparts. If you do not have greenhouses, and you want to add onions to the salad in April, just cover the bed with a spunbond or foil as soon as the snow melts.

Since the onion quietly tolerates small frosts, it does not make sense to plant it on a warm garden bed, leave it for more delicate crops. In addition, if your region has a mild and lingering autumn, with such a heated bow will have time not only to take root, but also to start growing, and then inevitably freeze, which will have a bad effect on the yield of the next year.

The best varieties of onions for planting before winter

When buying onion sets always specify what kind of variety is in front of you. After all, the first available, even beautiful, large and healthy seed can turn out to be one of the southern varieties and in the conditions of a short daylight just will not take root, and it will not rise in the spring.

Pay attention to the onions themselves - their diameter should not exceed 1 cm, and at the most careful examination there should be no signs of rot or damage. In each region there are special varieties of onions, but most often proven options are in demand, for example, Radar, Danilovsky, Senshuy, Sturon, Shakespeare etc.

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Planting in the winter can not only onions, but also other vegetables. If you sow the seeds already this year, then next summer you will harvest two or three weeks earlier than your neighbors.

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