We collect an autumn bouquet with our own hands: ideas in photos

From the flowers that bloom in the garden in autumn, dried flowers, cereals, dry twigs and yellowed leaves, you can collect a bouquet of amazing beauty. Do not believe? Here are some examples.

Autumn has not yet fully entered into its rights, but has already boldly declared itself. Not only changeable weather, but also the rapid change of colors in our gardens. More yellow-red-orange flowers have appeared, plants have fruit and bizarre forms of seed boxes, some cultures have already begun to turn yellow leaves ...

If you put it all together, you get unimaginably beautiful bouquets. It is only necessary to fantasize a little, selecting the appropriate plants for the flower arrangement. Here are some great ideas on how to do this.

The easiest, but such a bright and beautiful bouquet are made from rudbeckia, asters and phloxes. Sunny, elegant and in autumn. Just what you need.

What is autumn without marigolds? Be sure to select them for a bouquet, especially since there are not so few kinds of these beautiful flowers. And if you add decorative sunflowers to them, you’ll get a personal “sun in a vase”.

Clusters of berries look incredibly beautiful in autumn bouquets. Therefore, if your bouquet turns out not too bright, be sure to include a couple of rowan brushes in it - and the situation will change immediately.

Since autumn is rich not only in flowers, but also in fruits, try adding apples, pears or grapes to the bouquet. A fruit bouquet is no less interesting than a floral one.

The main attribute of autumn is the fallen yellow leaf. Add it to the bouquet? Sure to! In some places you can already find leaves, slightly touched by the "tan". With them, the composition will look more holistic: we are collecting an autumn bouquet.

Particular charm will give the flower arrangement spikelets of cereals. Especially if the bouquet itself consists of unusual scallops of celosia and huge "hearts" of echinacea. Such a composition will stand for a very long time and without any problems fit into any interior.

To make the bouquet stand all winter long, make it up from dried flowers. These include gypsophila, nigella, celosia, lunaria, physalis. The latter is especially good not only in flower arrangements, but also in itself.

And sometimes you can even not invent anything, but simply put bright yellow flowers of terry orebeckia in a vase. Look: Is it possible to add something to this composition? In my opinion, it is self-sufficient. And how uplifting!

Chose the option of the bouquet that you liked? By the way, nobody canceled improvisation either. Be sure to combine the plants in a bright and elegant ensemble, while the flower season is not over. And I, perhaps, will also deal with this.

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